The new song of the Uruguayans in Qatar with one of La Vela Puerca

For the Uruguayans who are in Qatar awaiting the debut of their team -this Thursday at 10 against Korea-, it is also a challenge to premiere a song during a World Cup, to renew the already classic “I am Celeste, I am Celeste…” or ” We will return, we will return, we will return again, we will return to be champions like the first time”.

Well, in Doha the Charrúas presented a great version to the rhythm of a classic by La Vela Puerca –Chiaroscuro– even with a verbatim phrase from another well-known song in the little country. “Never favourites, always from behind”, sings Lombardy Smurf in his candombe taking down the sky.

the complete letter

“Let’s go uruguay…
We crossed the world to see you play,
we follow you everywhere
Never favourites, always from behind
That’s how we win the championships…
I want to ask the players
let the shirt breathe well
to turn around and be champion
like in 1950
Let’s go Uruguayaay”

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