The new Superman is environmentalist and bisexual

The new Superman is an environmentalist and, soon, also sexually diverse, announced DC Comics, the publishing company of the legendary comic strip. The protagonist is Jonathan (Jon) Kent, son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. “The idea of ​​replacing Superman with another straight white man seemed like a missed opportunity,” said Tom Taylor, one of the series’ writers.

“The new Superman must face new battles – problems in the real world today – before which he must show himself as what he is supposed to be: one of the strongest people in the world,” he said.

The new series of the Superman strip began circulating in the United States last summer, under the name Superman: the son of Kal-El. In it, the new Superman fights evil, but also helps put out fires caused by climate change, prevents shootings in schools, and protests against the deportation of refugees in the city of Metropolis, the mythical headquarters of the series.

Superman thus joins the series that address diversity. In Batman and Robin, the latter has an emotional relationship with another man. In Acuaman, on the other hand, one of the main characters is a homosexual man who is about to become the protagonist of the series.

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