The News Boy: The ‘Federico Salazar’ of TikTok | INTERVIEW

From the hottest area of ​​El Agustino, Christian Palomino, 29, produces the most watched newscast in TikTok. With almost two million followers on the Chinese platform, it could be said that he is the “Federico Salazar” of social networks. His user is ‘The news boy’, his one-minute news summaries are seen by millions and millions of Peruvians. I’m sure you already know who we’re talking about.

In February 2021.

Yes, I finished my Communications degree, I am a graduate of San Martín.

In the mornings I see the information and contrast. I see the portals. Also some resolutions of El Peruano. Then I begin to select which are the news that can impact the most throughout the country.

The second process is to synthesize. I do a quick summary. In my words I try to explain that summary.

My main audience is 25 to 32 years old.

You have to be dynamic and understand that people go to TikTok to watch videos in a minute, if it goes beyond that it no longer works.

I love that. That was exactly my personal ambition, wanting to impact young people who are dedicated to communications and who, suddenly, are frustrated because they can’t find a channel, a medium that accepts them to do internships. Now I see many guys reporting on the platform.

I think so. I have so many people who connect to my TikTok and tell me that, to find out if it is true (some information), the first thing they do is go to my account. They expect me to reconfirm it.

When I talk about schoolchildren. I reported on the return to classes, I have videos of up to four million views.

Lots of complaints, claims. It is difficult because so much information arrives that I have to see if the source is real, if the evidence they send is real. I don’t jump in fast because they are difficult cases.

The 'News Boy' records between eleven and twelve videos a day.  (Photos: Alan Ramírez / @gec)
The ‘News Boy’ records between eleven and twelve videos a day. (Photos: Alan Ramírez / @gec)

Personally, I don’t have much confidence in myself. I still can’t believe the impact it could have. I feel that people believe me more and more, I am a reliable source. That motivates me to keep preparing.

I started in my room. That has been my center of operations, with my Huawei. Now I have an iPhone, to improve the quality of the videos. A day I record 11 or 12 videos.

Directly from TikTok, no. But I have sponsors. Let’s say I’m living from what I do on TikTok, but it’s not my only income.

He hasn’t given me that much money yet, but what he has achieved is that my dad is healthy. That is the most beautiful lesson. He got sick a few months ago, but thanks to the income I got from some brands that supported me, I was able to save him.

Communicator I like. Many people say that tiktoker sounds bad, but I’m a tiktoker too, I’m on the platform.

Sure, I think I shouldn’t continue. It’s facing, it’s making us all face each other. The healthiest thing is to call new elections.

I think he’s the one behind it all. Although it is said that no, but he is behind. As long as that figure is in the shadows, the conflict will continue. There is no real leader in the country. The president does not have the solid arguments to manage the country, but I do not believe either that there is an extremism that wants to impose itself.

They tell me what my political party believes, ha ha ha. Politics is very harmful, very toxic, very hurtful. There is no one who unifies, who makes consensus. They always want to step on. A constant confrontation that does not allow us to grow. We have to be better people, basically. In politics there is a lack of more ethical people, who want to work for others.

I have been told that, they tell me all the time. But what I do is inform with respect, even though I don’t feel affinity with any party, that is my commitment to young people and children who even see me.


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