The next Epic Games Store giveaway is a mystery game

Epic Games continues to offer free games to users of the Epic Games Store week after week, as it has promised to do since the launch of the PC game store. Every week, Epic Game Store users tune in to the store not only to pick up the latest free games, but also to see what’s coming up next.

This week, Epic Games had a surprise for EGS users. Instead of the typical teaser image confirming the upcoming game, there is an image of a safe that needs to be unlocked and the label “Mystery Game”.

Mystery games are not necessarily uncommon in the free game offerings of the Epic Games Store, but they don’t usually sneak into scheduled weekly deliveries. Rather, they are often used for Christmas or seasonal events or sales at EGS.

For example, the 15 Days of Free Games Christmas event hides each game until it’s available, turning free games into gifts for users to unwrap. However, there is no apparent occasion to explain the EGS’s upcoming mystery game.

Mystery games are usually exciting by nature, but this mystery game is especially intriguing. The next mystery game will replace three games that were unlocked at EGS recently.

The three games are Prey, Jotun Valhalla Edition, and Redout Enhanced Edition, making this week especially worthwhile. There will be a lot of attention on the game ahead, with EGS users expecting something even more special than this week.

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