The nice trolling of Emiliano Amor to César Fuentes

In a real match, Colo Colo was left with a 3-2 victory over O’Higgins at El Teniente Stadium, with scores from Pablo Solari, Javier Parraguez and a goal from Leonardo Gil. In a duel valid for date 20 of the 2021 National Championship.

One of the high points in the victory alba was Emiliano Amor, who was the bastion of the rear and had a great performance. The Argentine was solid in the brand, coverage and took out every ball that reached the area.

And this afternoon, the 26-year-old defender shared a funny trolling through his Instagram stories. In the first instance, he uploaded the photo of the eleventh starter gathered in the grass of the Rancagua field.

Later, he published another story that laughed out loud on social media. At the same photo of the campus, he zoomed in and pointed directly at the feet of César Fuentes, who was on tiptoe to appear taller.

“Hahaha, I want you toxic”said Amor, accompanied by a laughing emoji and a heart. A fact that shows the good relationship and group union that exists in Colo Colo. What is reflected on the court and he is raised as the exclusive leader of the championship.

Check out the funny trolling of Amor a Fuentes:

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