The Nintendo Podcast #194: Two new Zelda games for Switch?

Summary: That’s what you’ll hear in the new episode!

Will two beloved Zelda classics be rebooted for the Nintendo Switch anytime soon? Very possible! What games are we talking about? Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, both previously released as HD ports for the Wii U. Meanwhile, a curious rarity is looking for a new owner at an online auction house: a Wii covered in real gold, which was once intended as a gift for the Queen. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has also finally and deservedly been inducted into the Video Games Hall of Fame, and Nintendo has launched new Super Mario trading cards in partnership with Panini. Of course, we don’t lack exciting questions from the community either!

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All the topics of the 194th episode – timecodes

00:40 – Advertisement (Take Off)
05:10 – Zelda Collection for Switch
30:45 – Gilded switch will be auctioned
45:25 – Ocarina of Time in Hall of Fame
61:00 – Super Mario trading cards
71:20 – Our other podcasts
79:05 – Community: questions, feedback, more!

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