The Nobel laureate can be stopped from participating in the award ceremony

Maria Ressa is currently in the United States, according to the newspaper Rappler where she is editor-in-chief. She has previously been convicted of libel in the Philippines, an internationally criticized verdict that has been appealed.

She is currently free with the help of bail while waiting to have her case tried again. Because of this, she was forced to apply for a travel permit prior to the trip to the United States, which was granted.

Prosecutors want to put a stop to it

She has subsequently asked for her itinerary to be changed and extended so that she can travel directly from the United States to the Nobel Prize ceremony in Norway. But a prosecutor in her home country does not want that.

“Her recurring criticism of the Philippines’s litigation abroad shows her lack of respect for the legal system, which in turn makes her prone to flight,” the lawyer wrote in his complaint to the court and continues:

“We are aware that the Nobel Peace Prize is a prestigious award given to people who are considered to have accomplished the greatest deeds of mankind. However, it is respectfully claimed that Ressa has not presented any convincing arguments and / or evidence proving the necessity and urgency of her trip to Oslo, Norway. “

Rejects the prosecutor’s claim

Maria Ressa denies the prosecutor’s allegations through her lawyers, the newspaper writes The Philippine Star.

According to her, the accusations that she would like to flee are unfounded and “dangerous”.

“If Ressa were to be denied permission to travel, it is obvious that the decision would receive international attention, which would seriously damage the Philippines’ interests internationally. This is a relevant factor for the court to consider. ” writes Ressa in her answer.

Maria Ressa is a well-known advocate of freedom of speech and a critic of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

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Here it is announced who will receive this year’s Nobel Peace Prize Photo: Alexander Zemlianichenko, Rolex Dela Pena

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