The nobleman’s harsh words about Elizabeth’s death: "Felt nothing"

Alex Schulman and Sigge Eklund had a few things to say about Queen Elizabeth in the latest episode of the duo’s podcast.

Johan T Lindwall: “Queen Elizabeth, you were loved by us all”

After the commercial: Johan T Lindwall: “Queen Elizabeth, you were loved by us all”


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When Queen Elizabeth fell asleep on September 8, many people around the world felt great sadness.

Hundreds of thousands of people queued for hours to see the Queen’s coffin in Westminster Hall, and say a final farewell.

But not everyone was equally affected.

Alex Schulman on Queen Elizabeth’s death: ‘Knew nothing’

In Friday’s episode of Alex & Sigges podcast tells Sigge Eklund, 48, that he thought it was sad when Elizabeth died – especially for the British people.

Alex Schulman, 46, on the other hand, disagrees with the colleague.

– I felt nothing, he says and continues:

– I just thought that was strange. Such a goddamn manifestation of how goddamn crazy it is that we still have queens and kings. And when such a person dies, an entire country must go into national mourning.

Sigge, on the other hand, says that he can almost be jealous of how much the royal house means to the British people.

Alex and Sigge have one of Sweden’s biggest podcasts.

Photo: Anders Wiklund/TT

Alex and Sigge see the queen’s personality

The podcast profiles then go on to talk about how they find it strange that everyone says Elizabeth had a great sense of humor, because they disagree with this.

– Not a single example of her humor that has been highlighted, not a single situation where she has had humor, but where humor has arisen because everyone else in the room is so nervous, says Sigge Eklund.

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