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Colo Colo started the 2021 Chilean soccer season with the clear goal of leave the bad times of 2020 behind us and fight once and for all for the championship to qualify for an international cup.

For that the squad for this new football year is already taking shape, with several players who left the institution Y others who arrived in order to drastically renew the first team of Colo Colo.

After several years playing international cups, the Cacique now only has to focus his energies on local tournaments, where until December he will play the 2020 Super Cup against Universidad Católica, the Chile Cup 2020, the National Championship 2021 and the Chile Cup 2021 (tournament that should be played in the second half of the year).

The official participation of the Cacique in this 2021 season did not start in the best way, since he fell 4-2 against Universidad Católica at the National Stadium for the pending 2020 Super Cup.

In the 2021 National Championship, the albos debuted with a goalless draw against Unión La Calera at the Monumental Stadium. Fortunately, the joys came quickly, since on date 2 of the tournament the Cacique defeated Cobresal 2-1 in the north.

The first defeat in the tournament would soon fall for the Cacique, since against O’Higgins he was beaten 2-1 in local condition at the Monumental Stadium by date 3 of the contest. However, Colo Colo quickly rose from this loss as a week later they beat Everton 2-0 in away condition at Sausalito.

El Cacique wants to return to alegrías in this 2021 season. | Photo: Colo Colo.

The first classic of the season fell on April 25 against the University of Chile at the Monumental Stadium, an area where the albos enforced history and prevailed thanks to Leonardo Gil’s lone goal, reaching the top of the National Championship for the first time of the season. 2021.

Unfortunately the winning stride of the popular was interrupted by a kind of “outbreak” of coronavirus inside the campus. An infected and 17 close contact were the final balance for the duel against Ñublense, being the Cacique’s youths who had to come out to face for date 6 to fall hard 5-1 in the Nelson Oyarzún Bicentennial.

Ñublense 5-1 Colo Colo

Colo Colo suffered a hard fall at Nelson Oyarzún against Ñublense. | Photo: UNO Agency.

The revenge of the hard fall in Chillán could not be given to Palestino the following week, as Colo Colo fell 2-1 at home and squandered another good opportunity to reach the top of the tournament.

Subsequently, the Albos had a recess for the elections that served to recharge their energies and leave behind this streak of two consecutive defeats, since they beat Huachipato 2-0 and this result allows them to reach the top of the standings.

Colo Colo 2-0 Huachipato

The Cacique returned to the triumphs after beating Huachipato 2-0 in the South. | Photo: UNO Agency.

In his return to action after his free date and before the break, Colo Colo had to fight a lot on date 10 of the tournament to be able to beat Deportes La Serena 2-0 at the Monumental Stadium, keeping valuable points in his pocket to scale in the table.

The debut of the albos in the Chile Cup was the most auspicious possible, as they advanced without problems by beating the papayeros 7-1 on aggregate. The first leg was 3-1 for the Cacique with goals from Iván Morales, Gabriel Costa and Pablo Solari, while the return was a 4-0 through Gabi Costa, an own goal and a double from Iván.

Colo Colo 1-1 Palestinian |  Chile Cup 2021

El Cacique advanced to the semifinals of the Copa Chile 2021 after eliminating Palestino. | Photo: UNO Agency.

El Cacique won the quarterfinals of the Copa Chile 2021 against Palestino, winning 3-2 at the Municipal de La Cisterna and drawing 1-1 at the Monumental. The albos now await rival in the round of the best four of the contest of the winner of the cross between Huachipato and Unión Española.

The albos tried and were more in San Carlos de Apoquindo in the return of the National Championship after the break, but it was not enough to break the defensive order of the Catholic University, signing a 0-0 draw in the foothills for the 11th date of the tournament.

U Católica 0-0 Colo Colo |  Date 11 National Championship 2021

The Cacique could not break the zero against the UC in San Carlos de Apoquindo | Photo: UNO Agency.

The Cacique suffered a bitter tie in added time against Audax Italiano at the Monumental Stadium, scoring just one point in their fight to climb the table. This result and the UC triumph left Quinteros’ team four points behind in seventh place.

Fortunately, soccer brings revenge and Colo Colo cleaned his wounds with two resounding victories, first against Santiago Wanderers in Valparaíso 4-0 and then against Deportes Melipilla 4-2 at the Nicolás Chahuán Nazar Stadium. With these results the Cacique reached the sub-leadership of the tournament, remaining only one point behind the leader Unión La Calera.

Colo Colo had a great victory against Deportes Melipilla on date 14 of the tournament. | Photo: UNO Agency.

The winning streak continued for Colo Colo on date 15 of the 2021 National Championship, defeating Curicó Unido 2-0 in the Monumental that left us still installed in the upper part of the tournament by marching second with 27 units, just one length away. of the leader Unión La Calera.

The Cacique stretched to four his victories in a row in the tournament against the Spanish Union, winning 1-0 in his visit to the Santa Laura Stadium on the 16th date of the 2021 National Championship. Unfortunately the cement producers also won, so we are second one unit behind the lead.

El Cacique reached four victories in a row in the 2021 National Championship. | Photo: UNO Agency.

The Albos will face off against the Hispanics in the first leg of the Copa Chile semifinals scheduled for this Wednesday from 5:00 p.m. at the Monumental, a venue that will receive the Albos fans after a year without their people.

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Colo Colo 2021 Squad

National Champion 2021

Super Cup 2020

Chile Cup 2021

Archers: Brayan Cortés (25 years old), Omar Carabalí (23 years old), Julio Fierro (18 years old).

Defenses: Matías Zaldivia (30 years old), Jeyson Rojas (19 years old), Maximiliano Falcón (23 years old), Óscar Opazo (30 years old), Brayan Véjar (25 years old), Miiko Albornoz (30 years old), Felipe Campos (27 years old), Bruno Gutierrez (18 years old), Daniel Gutiérrez (18 years old), Emiliano Amor (25 years old) and Nicolás Garrido (18 years old).

Midfielders: César Fuentes (27 years old), Williams Alarcón (20 years old), Gabriel Suazo (23 years old), Ignacio Jara (24 years old), Leonardo Valencia (29 years old), Bryan Soto (19 years old), Ethan Espinoza (20 years old), Carlo Villanueva (21 years old), Vicente Pizarro (18 years old), Joan Cruz (17 years old), Martin Rodríguez (26 years old), Leonardo Gil (29 years old), Lucas Soto (18 years old) and Dylan Portilla (17 years old).

Forwards: Javier Parraguez (31 years old), Marcos Bolados (24 years old), Gabriel Costa (30 years old), Iván Morales (21 years old), Nicolás Blandi (31 years old), Pablo Solari (19 years old), Luciano Arriagada (18 years old), Juan Carlos Gaete (23 years old), Felipe Fritz (23 years old), Jordhy Thompson (16 years old) and Fabián Alvarado (19 years old).

Colo Colo 2021 Jerseys

Colo Colo 2021 home shirt

The Colo Colo Adidas 2021 home shirt for this season. | Photo: Adidas.

Goalkeeper shirt Colo Colo 2021

The Adidas 2021 black away jersey for this season. | Photo: Adidas.

Colo Colo 2021 Goalkeeper Shirt

The yellow Adidas 2021 goalkeeper jersey from Colo Colo. | Photo: Adidas.

The commemorative shirt for the 30 years of the 1991 Copa Libertadores worn against La Serena for the tournament. | Photo: UNO Agency.

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