The occasion in which El Komander rented his house in Sinaloa to Diego Maradona

Alfredo Ríos Meza, better known as El Komander, is an exponent of Mexican regional music who has earned a name in the environment thanks to his corridos. Precisely these interpretations have earned him to grow professionally and financially; so much so that he has several properties in Sinaloa, and one of them ended up renting it to nothing more and nothing less than Diego Armando Maradona.

The event occurred when the soccer star, who died on November 25, 2020, was in charge of the technical direction of the Dorados team, from September 2018 to June 2019.

“I have a friend who works in real estate and he told me: ‘Hey, you don’t live in the house you used to live in anymore?’ I told him no. ‘From the Dorados club they are requesting a house in the area where you are and with those characteristics,’ he told me ”recalled the interpreter and celeb from Mexico to the Radio Show program.

He spent more than half a year directing in the Second of Mexico (Photo: AFP)


Alfredo gave him the go-ahead to rent his house, “But I didn’t know who it was for. When we already made a contract they told me ‘It’s for Maradona’ and it was a great emotion, I was so moved… I like soccer, but my dad likes it a lot”.

The Komander pointed out that the “Fluff” was a great tenant, because he returned the property “in good state. Very well. We gave it to them in a way, someone came and made it more beautiful, as a decoration. We and my whole family kept it, we left furniture there. There is a video on the Internet where he is and he is in my house..


The Sinaloan artist recalled how it was the first time he interacted with Maradona and explained why at the time he said that this episode had not happened.

“Yes, I met him, I did have to greet him right there,” he asserted, and immediately explained what happened: “I’m going to say something that I don’t know if I should say… I said I hadn’t greeted him because his death was recent, but now I can tell. ; someone in my family said: ‘I’m going to go say hi’ and I told him: ‘You can’t because he’s renting the house.’ He told me: ‘It belongs to us’ and I told him: ‘It doesn’t work like that’. Yes they greeted him and it was me too. We greet each other well and on another occasion we have a drink”he added.

For Alfredo this experience was very special, because “I think he liked that area and it’s something that I carry in my heart… It’s not like every day they knock on your door to tell you that Maradona is going to live in your house”.

Finally, Ríos Mendoza indicated that “I keep the furniture and there is a video on the networks where he is in that house. It is something beautiful, it is a personal satisfaction and something that my children will remember”.

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