The ONE ON ONE of the first half against Everton

Colo Colo battles against an Everton that defends itself with everything in the Monumental. Two goals canceled for the Cacique keep everything 0-0 on the scoreboard at the end of the first half, in a process of the match that should have us already up.

Check out what was the performance of our players in the first half against Viñamarinos.

Brayan Cortés: He had no major work except for a couple of foot trips. Calm first time of the goalkeeper.

Oscar Opazo: He could not generate danger by going up to attack and on a couple of occasions Dilan Zúñiga dangerously beat his back.

Emiliano Amor: The Argentine’s safe game, since having only Cecilio Waterman as an attacking reference he did not have many problems to keep it at bay.

Maximiliano Falcón: Same description as his partner, having a quiet commitment to the little daring of Everton.

Gabriel Suazo: Good game from the captain, being attentive to the mark and judicious to go up. In addition, he showed security to always touch a partner.

Cesar Fuentes: Waterman took him dangerously up to speed in Everton’s first counter, being saved by Cortés in the bilge.

Leonardo Gil: Something erratic to deliver the ball in the first minutes of play. Unfortunately between Echeverría and Berríos they had it well controlled in the midfield.

Pablo Solari: Collaborator in the brand when he was required in defense and fast to generate danger on the right wing. The dawn figure in the first 45 minutes of play.

Joan Cruz: With enthusiasm and participatory from the beginning, taking into account the first auction of the match. However, he was deflating as the minutes passed, missing some filtered passes in the attack.

Hefty Milestones: Of the most active in the attack, but without making many differences in the defense of Everton.

Ivan Morales: Participative, but with bad decisions now to finish off or look for a partner.

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