The ONE TO ONE of the triumph in Santa Laura

Colo Colo beat Unión Española 3-2 at the Santa Laura stadium, thus sealing their way to the final of the Chile Cup. A game stuck at the beginning, but that Gustavo Quinteros’ team knew how to reverse thanks to the goals of Pablo Solari, who registered with a double, and the same by Marcos Bolados.

Brayan Cortes: He responded in a good way when required, although he was an accessory to the criminal. In the execution of the 12 steps of the “Chorri” Palacios chose the wrong side of where the shot went. In the second half he maintained his level and arrives well prepared for the final.

Bruno Gutiérrez: One of the lowest. It did not contribute in offense and the Spanish Union attacked constantly for its sector. What’s more, the clearest plays of the Hispanics have been generated by Guti’s side. In the complement it could not be affirmed and he was in debt.

The Cacique’s defense against Hispanics. (Photo: Agency One)

Maximiliano Falcón: You must drop a change. It is past revolutions and has already received yellow cardboard. In addition, he has not been clear in the crosses and has lost a pair of heads up. His performance was so poor that he was replaced at halftime.

Daniel Gutierrez: Good game from the central albo. Measured, good delivery of the ball and good in the crosses. He maintained his good game in the second half, despite the fact that he suffered at times with Patricio Rubio.

Gabriel Suazo: He lost the mark on the penalty spot and in complicity with Cortés he committed the foul. He dedicated himself more to defending than to fulfilling offensive functions. In the second half he constantly lost the mark and from his side the second Hispanic goal was born.

Bryan Soto: One of the high points of Colo Colo. He complied with the low level of Fuentes. He had a good effectiveness in the removal and delivery of the ball. The Cacique’s youth squad more than approved.

Cesar Fuentes: Another who is in debt. He has been unable to take over the midfield and has been constantly mocked by Hispanic players. He did not improve his level in the second half and was replaced.

Ignacio Jara: Gustavo Quinteros on two occasions asked him to do one less and enable Pablo Solari. He paid attention to the coach and the two goals from Colo Colo came out. In the second half he was the most incisive to look for the Cacique’s third goal.

Joan Cruz: Quick at the start, good delivery and always generating danger in the rival goal. He received yellow for simulating a penalty, but despite that, he has shown very interesting things on offense. At 59 minutes he left the court for the entry of Leonardo Gil.

Pablo Solari: Two goals justify their presence on the pitch. Quick on the counterattack and good definitions to put the Cacique ahead. With the task accomplished, he left his space to Marcos Bolados. The figure of the party.

Javier Parraguez: You feel like it, you try to fight, but you are still in debt. He has not been able to elude a rival and he lost a heads-up. In the second half he kept trying, but was finally replaced by Luciano Arriagada.

The changes

Leonardo Gil: He entered at 59 minutes and played more in the creation zone. He distributed the ball and was a contribution to the team.

Vicente Pizarro: He looks like an experienced player and is barely 18 years old. A crack of those who gives the team the necessary pause and tranquility.

Hefty Milestones: In the first one he had, he converted. Pure effectiveness, although an incredible heads-up that could have been Cacique’s fourth goal was lost.

Luciano Arriagada: He came in eagerly and fought every ball to the end. Little by little he begins to gain minutes and confidence.

No, you must bet on Arriagada

Yes, but an experienced one

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