The one who celebrated his birthday in a big way points to ‘mature women’

From the serve we are meat … They tell me that the boy who celebrated his birthday in a big way and plays less and less in his team and the national team, is targeting ‘mature’ women.

Now yes, he assures that nothing to do with twenty-somethings, because now he only looks at base three. Let’s go with the story.

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His last little friend with whom he meets without demanding anything from each other is a lawyer whose first name is Lucero. She is an animalist, she likes to collect puppies abandoned. It seems that she knew him and felt that she had to protect him. Rexuxa …

I already found out that that port archer, who lost his mind to an Argentine model, is intense for the love of a businesswoman everyone calls Pía.

The girl has like four women’s clothing stores and the man has been screened. They assure that his companions have told him that he should settle down there, because with a young lady like that he can go to sleep without rotting the coconut. And will not be…


So the ‘Sex Guide’ is in Mexico. After he left the celestes of La Paz without money, he went to the land of Chavo to manage a club and supervise the hiring.

It seems that the band of ‘sanazos’ that handles our ball extends its tentacles and now it will handle players in that country. Advantage…

The one who asked his girlfriend’s hand is ‘Rusito’. He was on the bench for a long time last year, but he has faith and how he is going to play the other season in the ‘Navel of the world’, he assured himself. He marries and takes her to be together as a true family. That’s right … I’m leaving, I’m a fugitive.


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