The One x One of Colo Colo against Palestino

Colo Colo went to halftime with a 2-1 lead against Palestino at the Municipal stadium of La Cisterna where the team led by Gustavo Quinteros placeholder image he has been good in the defensive zone and thanks to two goals he has an advantage.

Brayan Cortés: On the first ball he was rushed by a rival and was slow to clear. In the goal he was badly stopped after the rebounds. At the end of the first half it was solid with great contention.

Oscar Opazo: Good start from “Torta” where he was able to convert after five minutes. He showed his usual display throughout the right wing, but the rival’s goal lost the mark at the beginning.

Cesar Fuentes: Clear at the start and well on the mark, so as not to play in his natural position. He had no problems with the Arab forwards and in the goal he couldn’t do much.

Maximiliano Falcón: Good game of the “Wig” who was solid in the brand. He won air, at the crossroads and always tried to get out playing.

Gabriel Suazo: He tried to make a difference for his band and unlike other commitments, he could not overflow so much in the first half.

Bryan Soto: Something out of time in several plays and for the same reason he was booked at 34 minutes. Despite that, it was good on various coverages.

Vicente Pizarro: The “Vicho” always sought to enable his teammates with a frontal game. He was good on the mark and managing the times.

Leonardo Gil: It was the link with the forwards. He always asked for the ball and tried to play in front of the goal. He was booked after seven minutes and after a shot from him, the Cacique’s first goal was born and then a beautiful free kick was dispatched to convert.

Colo Colo celebrates in La Cisterna (Photo: Agencia Uno)

Pablo Solari: The “Pibe” marks many differences with his speed and always complicates the rivals. Good first half for the forward.

Ivan Morales: Quickly facing the rival defenses and he dispatched a left-handed goal. He always sought to generate danger in the rival goal.

Hefty Milestones: He overflowed through the right sector, although he had no chances to convert. It was good when he dared to put pressure on the opposing defense.

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