The One x One of Colo Colo before Ñublense

Colo Colo lost incredibly to Ñublense for the minimum account at the Monumental stadium, in a match where those led by Gustavo Quinteros placeholder image They were the dominators of the actions, but with miracles from the rival defense and the good performance of goalkeeper Nicola Pérez, he could not reverse the score.

Brayan Cortés: Little work in the first half and in the goal he had nothing to do, since they headed him in the middle of the small area. In the complement he did not have much work.

Oscar Opazo: Well on the offensive, gaining the bottom line and generating danger, but somewhat doubtful in the brand and for its sector, Ñublense generated danger. He raised his level in the complement and had the goal, but the rival goalkeeper saved with pure reflexes.

Maximiliano Falcón: He was good in the air game and tried to get out playing. In the goal of the chillanejos, he could not reach the mark well. He was the best of the defense and looked for the goal until the last moment.

Emiliano Amor: It was a correct match and without counterweight until the goal by Ñublense- Incredibly, it falls under the mark of Hugo Silveira. Serious error of the Argentine central. In the second half he was able to convert, but the rival archer held back his shot.

Gabriel Suazo: Due to passages, he was erratic in the passes, it was as well as a mistake from him that the play of the opening of the account was born where he did not close well at the mark. He kept looking in the second half where he even played as a central midfielder. Finally, he was replaced in the 77th minute by Luciano Arriagada.

Vicente Pizarro: Unlike other parties, he has not had clarity to find his teammates. A little behind and constantly the coach asked him to play more vertical. In the second half he raised his game, but Quinteros decided to replace him to seek greater offensive power.

Leonardo Gil: He tried to manage the times in midfield and was one of the team’s high points. He maintained his good level, tried with filtered and stopped balls, but could not convert.

Gabriel Costa: Movedizo, trying to generate danger with medium-distance shots and always looking for a partner. The aim remains to be fine-tuned. In the second half he had a chance to convert, but the rival goalkeeper contained. He was cautioned with what he will miss the match against Huachipato due to accumulation of yellow cards and was replaced by Ignacio Jara.

Pablo Solari: One of the most sought after in the first half. He associated well on the left side and tried medium-distance shots, but could not find the rival goal. He had a header that was taken from him on the line and he always looked for the rival goal. At 82 minutes he was replaced by Joan Cruz.

Hefty Milestones: By the right sector it generated danger reaching the bottom line well. However, he lacked being more persistent in the attacks. He ran the whole game, but could not make a difference.

The albos before Ñublense.

Ivan Morales: In what is most required, which is the goal, it has not generated chances in the rival goal. He did try to generate a game, but he owes the settlement. A header in the complement was the clearest that the scorer had, but he could not score.

Ignacio Jara: He entered with enthusiasm, gave freshness to the attack, but lacked ideas to finish the plays.

Miiko Albornoz: He overflowed, tried, struggled and searched at all times, but could not finish the plays well.

Luciano Arriagada: He entered in the 77th minute, but practically did not touch the ball. He had no chances to convert.

Joan Cruz: It gave freshness to the attack and had the goal with a shot from 30 meters, but the rival goalkeeper contained in a great way.

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