The One x One of the victory against Huachipato

Colo Colo managed to make a difference in the second half against Huachipato and was left with the victory after winning 2-0. The team led by Gustavo Quinteros placeholder image He dominated the actions throughout the game, but he could not break the opponent’s defensive bolt, but in the second half with a great game from “Torta” Opazo, the spaces and the goals arrived.

Brayan Cortés: He had little work in the first half and in the few approaches of the rival, he was always safe. In the second half he had no job and was a mere spectator of the actions.

Oscar Opazo: The “Torta” has been showing a good offensive game, generating danger and winning the baseline. On the defensive side, he had no problems. Key in the goal by running more than 60 meters and centering accurately for Bolados. Also, he was key in the second goal by forcing the opponent’s hand behind his center.

Maximiliano Falcón: Very good first half of the “Peluca”, who was sure in the mark and won his hands in hands. He maintained his good level in the complement and always showing security.

Emiliano Amor: Somewhat hesitant in some hands-to-hands, but he asserted himself and he also looked on offense. In the second part he was firm and solid in the brand.

Gabriel Suazo: The captain was sure of his band, both in the mark and in the projection. One of the high points of the game was Gabi, who always created danger for his sector and was well on the mark.

Cesar Fuentes: Safe in midfield and supporting defenders when necessary. Good first half of the steering wheel. The best of the game and in the second half, he was simply flawless, winning all the balls in the middle of the court.

Leonardo Gil: Something absent, since Huachipato had a personal mark against the white steering wheel. Despite that, he managed to get the ball and create danger. In the second half he played looser and handled the ball more safely. He scored the second goal with an impeccable penalty kick.

Joan Cruz: He started well, moving and looking for the ball. Then he went to the left wing where he tried to associate with his teammates and generate play. In the second half he showed flashes of his talent and was replaced in the 61st minute.

The Cacique fights in La Ruca. (Photo: Agency One)

Pablo Solari: The “Pibe” was improving with the passing of the minutes and with his mobility and speed, he complicated the rivals a lot, although he could not unbalance the scoreboard. Key in the opening of the account by managing well the times in the transfer of the ball to enable Opazo.

Hefty Milestones: Good tandem with Opazo for his band. Then he passed as the second striker with Morales and made it very difficult for the rival defenses. In the second half he had his chance and did not fail, as he defined in a good way to open the scoring.

Ivan Morales: He had a chance that the rival goalkeeper contained well. With his power in front of the goal, he also searched with medium-distance shots, but could not find Parra’s goal. In the second half he fought, but could not generate danger in Parra’s goal.

The changes

Vicente Pizarro: He came in to give balance to the midfield and did not clash. Good minutes from Vicho, who should be a starter in the Cacique.

Christian Santos: Vague, erratic and very unplugged with the game of his teammates. It lacks to be a real contribution to the team.

Jordhy Thompson: Two plays where he showed his quality and speed. He has a huge future and little by little he will gain more confidence.

Miiko Albornoz: Few minutes on the field of play, but he fulfilled by replacing Suazo on the wing.

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