The one you believe: this ban on actors

This Monday, November 21, viewers will be able to see the film again The one you believe with François Civil and Juliette Binoche on France 3. On this occasion, Télé-Loisirs reveals the reason why the two actors did everything to avoid each other on the set.

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If football fans will be in front of the United States and Wales match, lovers of the seventh art will not miss the broadcast of the French drama The one you believe this Monday, November 21 on France 3. This adaptation of the homonymous novel by Camille Laurens features Claire Milaud, a fifty-year-old divorced woman. She has an affair with Ludo, a man much younger than her and who does not seem very involved in their relationship. In order to find out more about her lover’s intentions, she creates a fake profile on social networks. She then contacts Alex, Ludo’s best friend, and pretends to be Clara, a very beautiful young woman of 24 years old. But as their discussions progress, Claire will begin to have feelings for Alex. A delicate situation that she will tell her new psychoanalyst. In the casting, we find the Oscar-winning actress Juliette Binoche in front of Francois Civil. But on the set of the film, the two actors constantly avoided each other.

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“Safy asked Juliette and I never to meet”

To transcribe as much as possible the palpable tension between their characters, director and screenwriter Safy Nebbou asked the two actors never to meet on the set. “Safy asked Juliette and me never to meet. Neither during the preparation of the film, nor on the set, nor during the scenes where we talk on the phone or in chat. I was hidden by managers who supervised me like a kind of spy on the run, witness protection style. I was sometimes hidden in a closet between two vacuum cleaners and I heard Juliette say: ‘Where is the little one? Where is it hidden?'”, declared the actor in the columns of the Women’s Journal. And to add:I have deep respect for her. She’s a great actress. This meeting was rich. She is so human, generous and attentive.”

Marie-Ange Casta, Nicole Garcia… Who are the other actors in the cast?

Alongside Juliette Binoche and François Civil, viewers will also find Nicole Garcia and Marie-Ange Casta in the roles of Dr Catherine Bormans and Katia, Claire’s niece. The cast is completed by actors Guillaume Gouix (Ludo), Jules Houplain (Max), Jules Gauzelin (Tristan), Charles Berling (Gilles) and Claude Perron (Solange).

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