"The only coherent decision", "we need penalties": Nupes divided around the Quatennens case

After the withdrawal of the LFI deputy, who admitted having “slapped” his wife, the left does not agree on the follow-up to be given. If Olivier Faure welcomed this decision, Sandrine Rousseau calls for him to leave the group of rebels in the National Assembly.

Adrien Quatennens is targeted by a handrail filed by his wife, in the midst of divorce proceedings. In a press release, the deputy spoke on Sunday of three violent arguments, and “a slap”, before announcing his withdrawal from his position as coordinator of La France insoumise.

The gesture is welcomed by some members of Nupes but others want to go further.

“The only coherent decision” for Olivier Faure

“The withdrawal of Adrien Quatennens is the only decision consistent with what we are defending in the fight against violence against women”, greeted the First Secretary of the Socialist Party and deputy, Olivier Faure, on his Twitter account.

Most socialist deputies did not react to the words of Adrien Quatennens who, in a long text, explained his behavior.

“I could hunker down, minimize the facts and wait for the storm to pass. But, because I am politically responsible and I want to set an example to which I want to set myself and which has always been my line of conduct , I draw the political consequences from it”, affirms in writing the elected representative of the North, very close to Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

Adrien Quatennens then explains “in a context of a breakdown in communication between (them)”, having “grabbed his wrist”, before mentioning other facts. “In a context of extreme tension and mutual aggressiveness”, further specifies the parliamentarian, he claims to have slapped his wife.

Sandrine Rousseau calls for “her withdrawal” from the LFI group

The ecologists were themselves more talkative than the socialists. Sandrine Rousseau thus calls La France insoumise to go further.

“He must withdraw from all public speaking, even withdraw from the LFI group in the National Assembly. Violence against women is unacceptable and it is embarrassing when there is no sanction. And there, LFI must react but I think that they will take sanctions”, advanced the deputy EELV on Radio J this Sunday.

Cyrielle Chatelain, the co-president of the group, let it be known for her part in a few words that she disapproved of Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s words of support for Adrien Quatennens.

“The private is political”, judged the boss of the group, in reaction to the text posted by the ex-presidential candidate.

Silent Fabien Roussel

Very close to the deputy, the boss of La France insoumise Jean-Luc Mélenchon supported Adrien Quatennens, saluting “his dignity and his courage”, telling him “his confidence and his affection” on Twitter, sparking controversy.

“Céline and Adrien are both my friends. My affection for him does not mean that I am indifferent to Céline. She did not wish to be quoted. But I say it: a slap is unacceptable in any case. Adrien assumes it . It’s good”, then added the boss of rebellious France, a few hours after his first tweet.

The communist Fabien Roussel, with whom relations are notoriously difficult with La France insoumise, has not yet reacted.

The Lille prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation for violence by a spouse.

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