The Opera (OCS): captivating, this season 2 echoes the news

In September 2021, OCS unveiled its original French series The Opera. Through the story of Zoé Monin (Ariane Labed) and Flora Soumaré (Suzy Bemba), the public plunged behind the scenes of the Paris Opera Ballet, this great institution, a jewel of French culture, born under the reign of Louis XIV. Two very strong female characters, offering two perspectives on this “house” source of dreams and many fantasies. On the one hand, Zoé, a star on the return, more focused in recent months on partying and alcohol than on spikes and pirouettes, which the administration wants to put out. On the other, Flora, a young supernumerary, who dreams of only one thing: to integrate the corps de ballet for good to climb the ladder and become, one day, a star dancer too. A year later, the series The Opera returns on Tuesday September 20 for a season that is still as exciting as ever, to be discovered on OCS.

The Opera season 2 (OCS): renewed challenges

Sublime and magnificently interpreted, this dive into the (fictitious) backstage of the Paris Opera ballet resumes with renewed vigor, with renewed challenges for the two heroines. After fighting to keep her position and her title, Zoé dances like a relentless, chaining rehearsals and ballets, without ever saying no, wanting to prove to everyone, and to herself, that she deserves her place. At the risk of putting her health in danger… As for Flora, having passed the competition, she discovers that the obstacles are just beginning. The young dancer still comes up against prejudice and decides to enter the race for one of the most famous competitions in the world, the Varna competition, which designates the best dancers each year. New characters also enter the scene, in particular Diane, a former dancer who has become one of the most feared teachers at the Opéra’s dance school, determined to run for the position of dance director, vacant since the departure of Sebastien Cheneau (Raphael Personnaz).

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A season 2 of The Opera which echoes the news, with the upcoming replacement of Aurélie Dupont

Just like its first season, these new episodes of The Opera brilliantly succeed in a sizeable challenge: to make the series captivating, both for neophytes, for whom it remains accessible, and for amateurs. If you don’t know dance and its backstage, The Opera follows like a drama, which takes us first through its characters and its strong and universal issues. But above all, it offers a dive behind the curtain of a mythical and highly political institution, which regularly makes the news on the cultural pages. This season 2 is all the more topical in that, by chance of the calendar or well-informed screenwriters months before the facts, it depicts a vacant place in the direction of the dance, as is currently the case after the departure by Aurélie Dupont! Who will succeed the former star dancer? Among the balletomanes, the bets are already launched!

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