The opposition demands new nuclear power

After a winter with high electricity prices, the energy issue has increased in importance for voters. It is also an issue where there is a significant political consensus between the Moderates, the Christian Democrats, the Sweden Democrats and the Liberals. For the first time, the party leaders of the four parties are now writing a joint debate article in which they draw up the guidelines for a new energy policy.

Abolish reactor ban

The parties agree to lift the current ban on building new reactors at locations other than the existing nuclear power plants. The ban on more than ten reactors in commercial operation should also be scrapped, they believe.

M, KD, SD and L also write in the debate article in SvD that the current goal of 100 percent renewable electricity production by 2040 should be replaced with a goal of a completely fossil-free energy supply where nuclear power is an obvious part.

The parties announce for the next budget that the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority will be given resources to develop a Swedish regulatory framework for new nuclear power. The authority will also be commissioned to produce a fast track to accept type approvals of reactors, systems and components from other countries.

Couples closure to high electricity prices

The background to today’s debate article is not least that the nuclear issue has gained renewed relevance after the winter’s sharp increases in electricity prices. M, KD, SD and L believe that the closure of several reactors in Sweden is an important explanation for the high electricity prices. They believe that new nuclear power is the only way to supply what is usually called planable fossil-free electricity production on a large scale.

The question is what reactions today’s proposal will get among other parties. Neither S, V, C nor MP seem to be interested in the proposals put forward in the debate article. At the same time, there is a more positive view of nuclear power in parts of the Social Democrats than in, for example, the C, V and MP.

For the opposition parties on the right, it is a matter of presenting joint proposals on an issue that is important to voters, but it is also a matter of manifesting agreement between the parties before the election campaign.

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