The outrageous justification of the vice president of Congress for the alleged rape of an employee by legislator Freddy Díaz

Wilmar Elera justified sexual abuse in the Peruvian Congress. VIDEO: TVPeru

Wilmar Elerathe third vice president of Congress on the 2022-2023 Board of Directors, insinuated that the Parliament employee, who accused legislator Freddy Díaz of rape, had been responsible because she drank alcohol and worked among men.

“I think the lady is the only woman who works in the all-male space, which has created a much more conducive environment, especially when they start drinking liquor”he said in an interview with TV Peru.

The member of Somos Perú stated that the entry of liquor should be prohibited to any office of Parliament and, in that sense, he will coordinate with the head of Congress, Lady Camonesso that there is a “provision to prevent parliamentarians from celebrating inside the offices”.

Journalist Julio Navarro, who was interviewing him, replied that it was forbidden, in any public entity, to bring alcohol or smoke into public spaces.

“I think it should have been applied, but to some it escapes; Some parliamentarians believe that their work area is an area where they can have fun and, in this case, Congressman Díaz exceeded his duties”said.

Legislator Freddy Díaz was accused of rape in his Parliament office.  Currently there is none.  Photo: Congress
Legislator Freddy Díaz was accused of rape in his Parliament office. Currently there is none. Photo: Congress

After justifying the case of rape of the former Alliance for Progress (APP), the interviewer of the State channel replied that what he had commented on the subject “was very serious”; to which Elera replied, “Why?”

“The fact that there is only one woman in a working group where there are men does not justify, at all, a situation of this nature,” Navarro told the third vice president of Congress.

Despite the journalist’s words, Elera continued insisting on the subject: “Obviously, no one chooses. In the first year of my office, all those who worked with me have been men, but not because I have a different issue for women. Now, as of my third vice-presidency, some lawyers are being included who are going to join my work”.

Wilmar Elera is the third vice president of Congress.  Photo: Andean
Wilmar Elera is the third vice president of Congress. Photo: Andean

The Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations (MIMP) stated the following: “Being the only woman in the group or having drunk alcohol does not justify any form of violence against women. Even less sexual violence. Nothing justifies violence.”

Other figures in Peruvian politics, such as the former minister Anahi Durandexpressed their repudiation: “Congressman Freddy Díaz, elected by the APP caucus, is accused of rape by a worker and the third vice president Wilmar Elera found no better explanation than to blame the woman. We will see if Congress and justice act in both cases. It’s really outrageous.”

Gloria Montenegro, former head of the MIMP, also referred to the words of Wilmar Elera: “Pure machismo: ‘Don’t work, don’t go out alone with a man, that environment is conducive to being raped.” With this Congress we have not only regressed in reforms but also in rights”.

Nuria Esparchformer Minister of Defense in the government of Francisco Sagasti, condemned what the third vice president of Congress said: “Outrageous. According to this man, it is the woman’s fault, not the rapist’s. Once again it is shown that being a woman in Peru is very dangerous”.

“You already know: in the Board of Directors of Congress, it is justified for a woman to be raped, because, damn, it is normal for a man to be a rapist if there is a drink involved. They couldn’t be more miserable. Really, they can’t anymore.”added the screenwriter and playwright Eduardo Adrianzen.


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