The Owl and the 21 years of Trome

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The mafia government of Alberto Fujimori and Vladimiro Montesinos had collapsed together with their filthy ‘daily chicha’. With the enthusiasm that characterized him, Bernardo urged Carlos Espinoza Olcay, the director, and this columnist: “It is time to give the people a popular newspaper for the whole family to read.”. Over time it became a boom in sales, in the most widely read Spanish-language newspaper. But everything changes and the press man must adapt to new market trends.

The journalists of these times are digital or they will remain in the age of the dinosaurs. Every day we talk with the head of the Trome digital table, Herbert Holguín, who has it clear: the competition is no longer only in the kiosks, but in all web pages, digital and entertainment platforms. If you are not on the Internet, you do not exist. The edition closures in the early mornings that we are so passionate about, now occur every time a good note is uploaded to the digital version, each time a note is published, that is, hundreds of times a day, just like in the night.

If our printed newspaper is a leader, now we must be on cell phones, tablets, smart watches, on YouTube, Instagram, on TikTok… What is the secret to staying in first place in terms of readership? Young university students ask us. Trome is a diary with a soul, it throbs. Our editors are aware that the true habitat of the press man is the street. And this columnist did not invent it, but the teacher Gabriel García Márquez. “The highest level of journalism is reporting,” he assured. That is to say, the reporter who goes out on the street directly takes his informative materials and prepares them for the different audiences”.

The teacher Tom Wolfe, the so-called ‘father of the new journalism’, thought the same. When asked for his opinion as to why the circulations of the great American newspapers were declining and many were on the verge of bankruptcy, he said: “Newspapers lose money because their journalists don’t hit the streets. They stay at the tablewarming the seat, playing ‘good guys’ and fulfilling errands from their bosses”.

This columnist has more than thirty years in the trade. And I am passionate about what I do. We have consolidated emblematic columnists such as ‘El Bombardero’, with their always accurate, sharp analyses, and with their suitcases ready to follow the team for the Copa América or, recently, in Barcelona and Qatar, reporting what no one sees and telling the TRUE. Before and during the playoff game against Australia he sent videos that we quickly uploaded to the networks. This columnist also feels lucky. I am proud to share with my readers, apart from my analyzes of the political situation, popular culture and my ‘literary Sundays’.

The Owl: We will always be vigilant

There are thousands who enter the Trome website, for example, to connect with the surprising Luis Guadalupe in ‘La fe de Cuto’. It is just one of the attractions of our digital page. But there is something that I cannot fail to highlight, which I consider to be a fundamental part of our success: working with total independence. Whoever reviews our files will see that since 2001 we have lashed out at the frivolity of ‘Cholo’ Toledo, his unpresentable nephews ‘Filete’ or ‘Koki cashier’.

We also question the corruption and shielding of Alan García; Nadine Heredia’s meddling in the Ollanta government, PPK’s links with Odebrecht and Vizcarra’s with the corruption ‘club’. We were never sobones of the president of the day. We equally harshly criticize Keiko Fujimori, cornered by tax accusations. We do not partisan with anyone nor do we accept ‘invitations’, ‘little lunches’ or trips from politicians or authorities. We follow the advice of the great Argentine journalist Mandred Schönfeld, who at the time of the terrible military dictatorship of Videla (1976-1981) denounced both the terrorist attacks of the leftist Montoneros and the torture and disappearances of the rightist regime against its opponents.

The immense journalist advised: “Do not accept any of the invitations from power. Behind that little lunch, that little coffee, there is an intention to buy you”. That is why we are alert, because freedom of expression has never been in such danger as in the government of the nefarious Pedro Castillo, who tries to blame the press for “destabilizing” him only because he is investigating the tremendous accusations of corruption that involve him. We will always be vigilant. I turn off the television.


Greetings for the 21st anniversary of Trome


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