The particular way to ask for a marriage from a former Colo Colo player

The year 2006 began and Colo Colo surprised with the hiring of the experienced Paraguayan defender Celso ayala, who came to the Cacique after being multi-champion with River Plate and play two World Cups with the Paraguayan team.

Undoubtedly, a star signing, but who played little in the team that would achieve the remembered and historic four-time championship due to his hip injury, although when he had to play, he did it in a good way as in the first leg of the Apertura tournament against Universidad de Chile, where it was the stronghold of the defense in the remembered 2-1 victory with a double by Matías Fernández.

Ayala currently He is heading to River Plate de Paraguay and this weekend he surprised everyone and especially his future wife, since He asked her to marry her in a very particular way.

The coach took advantage of the goodwill of his players who each posed with a poster to complete the sentence “Lili marry me“on the pitch of the Los Jardines del Kelito stadium and with the song ‘Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran.

A romantic scene that surprised his future wife and that was undoubtedly more important than sports, since his team was beaten 5-1 by Guaraní.

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