The party continues: The royal family at tonight’s cocktail party!

Tonight, the royal family is at Felipe and Letizia’s cocktail party – in the Bernadotte family’s former Djurgårdsvilla. See the pictures here!

Wonderful is short and now the Spanish state visit enters the riot. It has been 36 intense hours for the royal family – and the final was also something very special: Finally a royal cocktail party!

Victoria had turned into a décolleté night black top and Princess Sofia glittered a little discreetly in a cinnamon brown long dress with sequins.

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It was time for King Felipe, 53, and Queen Letizia, 49, to reciprocate the hospitality, and at 5.30 pm they were ready to welcome the entire royal family.

The place was the Spanish ambassador’s beautiful home at Djurgården in Stockholm and there Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel then mingled around the salons with their glasses in hand.

The royal family was partying here tonight.

Henrik Montgomery/TT

And this is certainly not just any parade villa! The king’s ancestor Karl XIV Johan received all the glory as a gift once in a while and if the king looked up at the ceiling in the entrance hall, he could look into the frieze that was once painted to pay tribute to the first Bernadotte king.

Queen Letizia and Queen Silvia. Behind them, the guests are glimpsed.

Henrik Montgomery/TT

For many years this was also home to the king’s grandfather’s uncle Prince Carl (brother of Gustaf V) who lived here with his wife Princess Ingeborg and his four children, Princesses Astrid, Märtha and Margaretha and their son Prince Carl.

But in 1923 they moved out, reportedly for financial reasons, and in 1928 the palace was bought by King Felipe’s great-grandfather King Alfonso. And Prince Carl’s Palace has been the residence of the Spanish Ambassador ever since.

It was also here that the King and Queen Silvia were at the response dinner at the last Spanish state visit in 1979, but then it was of course Felipe’s parents King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia who were the hosts.

You could hardly imagine a better place to tie up the state visit.

But now King Felipe and Queen Letizia are on their way to Arlanda, where there will be an official farewell ceremony. We will be back as soon as we have pictures!

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Photo: TT.

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