The party Nyans takes a seat in Landskrona’s council

In last week’s preliminary election results, it appeared that there were three parties that shared three percent of the vote. But how many votes and which parties were then unclear.

Now it is clear that the Party Nyans will get over two percent of the votes and thus enter the council and their first name on the list is Sead Busuladzic.

During the election campaign, the party has been characterized by focusing on minorities – above all Muslims. It is in Landskrona’s most immigrant-dense neighborhoods Norrestad and Dammhagen that the party received the most votes.

What is the new Party Nuance? – See more in the clip below.

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The new party Nyans has appeared as a joker in this year’s election coverage. What party is it and what issues are they pushing? Watch the video above. Photo: The Nuance/Storyblocks/Image is a montage

SVT Nyheter is looking for Sead Busuladzic for a comment.

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