The Paseo Ribereño was inaugurated in tribute to the heroes of Punta Quebracho

Within the framework of an event that brought together a large number of residents of the city and the region who enjoyed a day of pure chamamé with the free musical show of the singer Sele Vera, the Municipal Mayor, Carlos De Grandis, formally enabled the works for the containment of the ravine of the Arroyo San Lorenzo. Also the continuity of the enhancement of the Paseo Ribereño, from the section that includes Ramón Rodríguez streets to Alberdi. It includes an outstanding traveling exhibition on the heroes of Punta Quebracho and a new recreational walk with nineteen children’s sculptures as an attraction.

The president of the Municipal Council, Juan Manuel De Grandis, the councilor Walter García, members of the Municipal Cabinet, invited institutions and residents in general, and personnel from the municipal areas participated in the event, who put an enormous dedication to
finalize authorization.

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The event also featured the animation of the Clown Galupa, who imprinted humour, dances and music during the afternoon, to accompany the enormous expectation generated by the presentation of the artist from Bariloche, Sele Vera. On a stage mounted next to the canoe and the gigantography that represents the life of the fishermen, the group Los Amigos del Litoral opened the day’s musical proposal in the first place, which provoked dancing, singing and applause from those present. .

Mayor De Grandis, who made the ribbon cutting together with councilmen Juan Manuel De Grandis and Walter García, neighbors and students present, said: “This is a place that he loved because I grew up here where there was a row of ranches when we were kids. I bathed in the stream. There were very good people, families like the Albarenques, Arellano, García, Gigena, among others”, he recalled with emotion.

He also highlighted the importance of the work. “We recently opened the River Museum, today we inaugurate this work of containment of ravines and enhancement of the Arroyo, almost a tribute to those families of the river and to the current ones. With a memory for the heroes of the Battle of Punta Quebracho through a tribute and a walk with 19 more children’s sculptures for adults and children to take photos, “he explained.

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Likewise, he announced that with the firm conviction of continuing to advance with two hundred more meters of works, “next week we will call for a tender for almost 120 million pesos to reach the Petroleum neighborhood.”

“We are happy for the call that the presence of Sele Vera achieved, but we also want everyone to know that here in Puerto the sovereign national independence was shouted, instilling that history in the boys, and that people enjoy a more earned green space for the city,” he said.

The municipal initiative to recover this public space with its own resources to provide residents with a beautified and recreational environment facing the stream where it flows into the river, required the placement of new street furniture, with benches, tables, new lighting and attractive sculptures of children’s figures to give a greater attraction to the coastal walk.

With the imprint of commemorating the history of the Battle of Punta Quebracho, in Rodríguez and Tucumán, the “Paseo de los Héroes” was formed, where reinforced concrete structures were installed simulating the seven ships of the Anglo-French navy with a historical account. to read the review of the victorious protagonists of the patriotic deed, a Cruz del Quebracho, a bust in homage to Lucio Mansilla, and a mast where the Argentine flag will fly.

The figures of Lucio Norberto Mansilla, Juan Manuel de, Rosas, Manuel Virto, Martín Isidoro Santa, Coloma, Álvaro José de Alzogaray and Juan Bautista Thorne stand out there, and reference is made to the women protagonists in the Paraná War, especially to the figure of Petrona Simonino and her fundamental role in the struggle for independence, and those heroines whom official history was responsible for erasing.

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Meanwhile, students from the Niño Jesús secondary school, within the framework of the institutional project “What do we see when we look at the San Lorenzo stream” (citizen responsibility and knowledge of the ecosystem) who contributed the results of their research for the information posters of the Paseo de the heroes.

In addition, the gigantography of the place was changed for double-sided images of the islands of the Paraná River. Symbols that contribute to spread a true historical and cultural story in that riverside sector. Already as a pedestrian promenade along the banks of the stream towards Alberdi street, and passing under the Homero Manzi bridge, the attraction is concentrated in the sculptures of different children’s characters that give the remodeled space, with tables and benches to enjoy moments of outdoor recreation, an ideal environment for everyone to take photos with figures such as The Smurfs, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mesh and the Bear, SpongeBob, the Anteater, among others.

For its part, the containment works of the ravine aimed at the installation of some two hundred linear meters of piles and the assembly of the corresponding structures to form a resistant concrete slab that would safely contain the delimited margins, providing sidewalks and railings the necessary security to the area and allowed to gain an important space for the enjoyment of the neighbors.

At the close of the day, Sele Vera burst into full force to unleash collective joy with her chamace repertoire that she interprets so brilliantly. A true party with an artist on the rise to celebrate a new public space for the city.

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