The Penguin: Clayface may also be in The Batman spinoff

After stealing the show in The Batmanalbeit with a small playing time compared to the other characters, the Penguin played by Colin Farrell will return in the spinoff in production for HBO Max. According to a new rumor within the show, there could also be Clayface, a well-known villain of the DC comics and the universe of Batman in particular.

Clayface may also be in The Penguin


The indiscretion, reported on 4chanwould like the production of the show looking for an actor for a role that seems to mimic that of Basil Karlo aka Clayface, or an actor who goes crazy after being rejected because of his deformed face.

It first appeared in 1940 in Detective Comics # 40, Basil Karlo adopts Clayface’s identity and begins assassinating all the cast members of the film he was a part of and which, in spite of himself, has been turned over from scratch. Apparently in the spinoff the Clayface of the Golden Age of the comics will be used and not the monster with shape-changing abilities.

The Penguin, described as a Scarface-like series that will chronicle Oswald Cobblepot’s rise to power in a collapsing Gotham, will be scripted by Lauren LeFranc, known for her work on TV series such as Agents of SHIELD, Hemlock Grove, And Impulse. It has not yet been officially confirmed, but the show is supposed to be Rated R unlike The Batmanwhich remained anchored to the PG-13 at the behest of Warner.

Penguin was originally supposed to star in the sequel to The Batman, recently announced at CinemaCon, but the studios have preferred to dedicate his own television project to him. The narrative universe created by Matt Reeves will also expand with a second television spinoff, focusing on the Arkham Asylum and a project dedicated to Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman is rumored.

We look forward to finding out who the other cast members of the series will be and the release date on the streaming platform.

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