“The Peripheral Violator” could have attacked more than 40 women: the authorities hope that more victims will come to identify him

Miguel “N” was transferred (Photo: FGJ CDMX)
Miguel “N” was transferred (Photo: FGJ CDMX)

The Mexico City Attorney General’s Office (FGJDMX) has determined that Miguel “N”, better known as the Peripheral rapist, could have attacked more than 40 women during the years in which it was active, possibly since 2012.

As part of the first investigations, the agents in charge of the case determined that Miguel’s mother suffered physical violence from her father. Presumably he was still living with his parents, despite the fact that Miguel is 56 years old. His mother was allegedly aware of her son’s attacks, but never tried to contact the authorities to point it out.

After his capture, at least other four victims they approached the capital prosecutor’s office to report it. One of those affected even revealed that at the beginning of the month she was attacked by Miguel “N”. According The universal, she played a fundamental role in the capture of the aggressor, as she provided important information that led to his arrest.

The same woman could continue to be a relevant factor in the subsequent accusation of the aggressor, since apparently she kept the garments that contain the DNA of the attacker. Peripheral rapist. The authorities hope that more victims will come to identify him so that the file is strengthened. However, of the 40 alleged assaults that he allegedly committed, only 26 have been verified in terms of fact.

Peripheral serial rapist of women (Photo: CDMX Prosecutor's Office)
Peripheral serial rapist of women (Photo: CDMX Prosecutor’s Office)

This Monday, October 11, capital authorities captured the alleged serial rapist who horrified Mexico City. He is currently being held in the North Male Preventive Prison, located in the Gustavo A. Madero mayor’s office.

According to information provided by Laura borbolla, Coordinator of Investigation of Gender Crimes and Attention to Victims of the Prosecutor’s Office, various media and the same authorities of Mexico City have given her the nickname of The Peripheral Violator to the suspect of these crimes.

How could Manuel “N” perpetrate your attacks without being caught? The alleged serial rapist followed a recurring modus operandi. As a result of the complaints, which also made it possible to identify the physical characteristics of the individual, it was learned that the criminal first threatened his victims with a stabbing weapon. Later, to evade the attention of other citizens, he hugged them to pretend that they were a couple and finally took them to isolated places, such as parks, with the aim of attacking them sexually.

In addition, personnel from the General Coordination of Forensic Investigation and Expert Services, “prepared a Spoken portrait of the possible aggressor, while PDI agents they obtained the half affiliation, Data of usual dress and characteristic vocabulary of the individual, “the agency reported in a statement.

(Foto: Twitter @FiscaliaCDMX)
(Foto: Twitter @FiscaliaCDMX)

The operation ended with detention of Miguel “N” in the Rio Santo Domingo street, Libertadores neighborhood of 1857 of Álvaro Obregón mayor’s office, when he possibly marketed drugs. During a preventive check, around 40 plastic bags were secured with possible marijuana.

“Fight the impunity it is the best way to prevent violence against women. For it the complaint is essential, that allows us to investigate, find the probable perpetrators and bring them to justice. I reiterate the call to all the women of our city: trust us, report, we are prepared to protect them, to investigate and open the doors of the Justice”Declared Godoy Ramos.

“He has committed this type of crime in a corridor, parallel to the Peripheral from north to south, beginning with Miguel Hidalgo mayor and ending in Magdalena Contreras. We have 26 proven cases in terms of the fact. Of those 26 cases we have in 13 we have the identification from genetics, that it is the same ”, were the words of Laura Borbolla for the journalist Arturo Sierra de Televisa newscasts.

As Laura Borbolla explained, the attacker’s pattern is to look for young women who occupy the public transport of that corridor. While they are answering the cell phone, “he approaches under the pretext of asking somewhere. What it does is take out a point, hold them between the abdomen and the ribs, hug them and take them to a place normally a public space, which can be a garden, a meadow. That’s where he commits the crimes”, Adds the coordinator.


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