The Philips Hue and Echo Dot Pack is half price at Boulanger

At Boulanger, the Philips connected bulb pack with the Echo Dot is € 99.99 instead of € 199.99.

Do you want to add modernity to your interior? Take advantage of Black Friday at Boulanger now. Indeed, the store offers an excellent good plan on its Philips Hue pack with the Echo Dot since the set goes to € 99.99 instead of € 199.99.

Image 1: The Philips Hue and Echo Dot Pack is half price at Boulanger

Philips Hue + Echo Dot pack is less than 100 €

If you want to start a new installation in your home with connected lights from Philips, now is the time to take advantage of this good plan. Indeed, Boulanger offers a very nice reduction of 50%, but beware of this price, stocks will certainly leave very quickly. Note that if you have a Boulanger store near you, you can collect your order there directly.

With this pack, you can therefore directly install the bulbs and connect them to the Hue bridge present in the pack. It is the latter which will make it possible to connect the bulbs and to operate the whole. Then, with the Echo Dot and the smart assistant Alexa, you can directly control your entire installation. A function that will save you time and make your daily life easier. The Echo Dot being rounded and with a rather pleasant design, you can place it directly in your living room to start your programming.

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