The pictures reveal – the real relationship between Letizia and Silvia

The queens have had to spend some quality time together, but what do they really think of each other.

Sweden has just hosted a state visit from the Spanish royal couple and what a visit it has been!

For two intense days, the Swedish royal couple King Felipe and Queen Letizia offered both glamor and new knowledge, with lectures at the Nobel Museum and Karolinska Institutet, among others.

They even split up on a couple of occasions and both queens have had the opportunity to spend some quality time together, something they certainly appreciate!

Letizia and Silvia – both queens

The last time Letizia and Felipe were on a state visit was in 2005, when they were Crown Prince and Crown Princess, which is a big difference. Now the queens could socialize as equals in every way, and it seemed that they thrive in each other’s company.

There were several occasions when we could see Silvia and Letizia talking and exchanging understanding glances, queens in between!

Felipe and Letizia were on a state visit as Crown Prince and Crown Princess in 2005.

Charles Hammarsten/TT

The royal couple really tried to show the relationship between Spain and Sweden and Queen Silvia took the opportunity during a visit to the Bernadotte Library which is located in Stockholm Castle.

Queen Letizia and Queen Silvia at a banquet at Stockholm Castle in connection with the Spanish state visit.

Jonas Ekstromer / TT

– Ladies and gentlemen. The literature contributes to creating interest and understanding for other countries, their peoples and cultures. It bridges the boundaries of time, space and language. And above all, it reminds us that there is always more that unites us human beings than that separates us, Silvia said in her speech there after reading a few stanzas from the Spanish national poem “El Cantar de mio Cid”.

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