The PlayStation 5 apparently only needs to be 2cm tall

The PlayStation 5 is quite a powerful console, which can be seen from its size alone, among other things. For example, some gamers struggle to fit the console next to their TV due to its sheer size, but it looks like the PlayStation 5 doesn’t need to be that big to play newer titles like Horizon Forbidden West.

This PlayStation 5 is the size of a DVD case

It would be nothing new for Sony to release a slimmer version of their PS5 console in the future, and YouTuber DIY Perks has now given the company some clues as to how they can get the height of their console down to just 2cm.

The YouTuber explains exactly how this works in a video called “Building the world’s first PlayStation 5 Slim”. It turns out that the size of the console comes primarily from system cooling. This was replaced with water cooling and an external power supply. So not all parts of this PlayStation are actually inside the case, but for the average gamer this version should still be a lot easier to store.

According to DIY Perks, it took several months to get the console in this state, but unfortunately it either didn’t work at all during the first tests or froze after a few seconds. However, after some more tinkering by DIY Perks, the PS5 slim was fully functional and in the video itself we can see Horizon Forbidden West playing on it with no issues.

On a real PlayStation 5 (buy now €748.00) Slim we will probably have to wait a little longer, but at least a Pro Controller for the console should be announced soon. There was also a recent leak that Returnal and Sackboy are coming to PC. and a whole new PS5 exclusive was also announced, but without any information.

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