The Pole and Karina the Little Princess revealed what everyone wanted to know

Karina the Little Princess and The Polish they had one of the most media relations in Argentina. The couple, who lasted six years of love, decided to end this romance in the midst of scandal, conflict and a common daughter who, until today’s sun, keeps them together.

In this media take and give me there were also many dedicated songs, which is why some fans assured that there was still some possibility of love. Although finally the singer and Karina la Princesita decided to take different paths. She with Kun Agüero and The Polish with Valeria Aquinas.

“We no longer hold on to each other’s hair”, was the phrase with which Karina whitewashed the good relationship that she currently has with her daughter’s father.

A few years ago both were able to have their relationships much more serious. The interpreter of “Corazón mentiroso” formalized with Nicolás Furman and The Polish decided to surrender to the arms of Barby Silenzi. But an interview between the two reopened one of the most guarded hopes in the fans of this couple.

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