The police give Rasmus Paludan permission to hold an election meeting in Uppsala

Rasmus Paludan stated in his application that he wanted to be at Uppsala Mosque, and then visit Gottsunda. But the police reject the requests for the seats, and instead give permission to hold the election meeting at Vaksala square.

Rasmus Paludan applied to be in Uppsala between 10 and 16, but the police have shortened the time interval to between 12 and 14.

The police justify the decision by saying that there is a great risk of “serious and extensive disturbances”. Especially if the meeting is held at the mosque or in Gottsunda. A high police presence and / or roadblocks are not considered sufficient to counteract disturbances.

“To avoid extensive disturbances and security disturbances, it is required that the location is changed to Vaksala square / — / and that the time is reduced to between 12 and 14”.

Be in Uppsala 1 May

When the right-wing extremist politician, who is the party leader for Stram Kurs, applied for permission to hold an election meeting in Uppsala on May 1, the application was denied. Despite this, he appeared in Uppsala, which led to a riot outside the mosque when his car was attacked by several people.

In the clip you see what happened when Rasmus Paludan visited Uppsala on May 1:

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See in the video how a person jumped on the windshield of the car before driving away. Photo: Emergency call Uppsala

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