The police make a new attempt to interrogate the accused: – He has wounds and fractures

– I’m on my way to the police now, says the man’s defender, lawyer Roy Peder Kulblik early Thursday.

It was not possible to interrogate the accused man in his mid-20s on Wednesday, because he is said to have been in poor physical and mental shape.

The man is charged with murder and grievous bodily harm after the police moved out to two different crime scenes in Molde on Wednesday night.

– He was far down and had both wounds and fractures, says Kulblik to TV 2.

– Do you know what the injuries are from?

– No, it was not possible to get out of him, the defender says.

Police are still aiming to begin questioning the man on Thursday morning. On Wednesday night, he had a conversation with a psychiatrist, who has considered that he should be able to carry this out.

He is also scheduled to attend his own prison meeting on Thursday at 1 p.m.

Two crime scenes

At 01:44 on Wednesday night, the police were notified of a serious incident of violence at a private address in Molde. Just one minute later, at 1:45 a.m., they found a dead woman at another address.

When police arrived at the address of the violent incident, several people were present. Among them is a badly injured teenager and the man who has now been arrested and charged for both conditions.

The accused’s car was parked outside the address where he was arrested.

The woman who died is not formally identified, but she who is registered at the address where the woman was found, was previously married to the accused man.

There is also a family relationship with the injured teenager. He was flown to St. Olav’s hospital on Wednesday with life-threatening injuries. On Thursday morning, his condition is unknown to TV 2.

Will assess mental health

The police want to carry out a so-called preliminary observation of the accused man. Already on Wednesday night, he had the first conversation with a psychiatrist.

MOLDE: Police Inspector Yngve Skovly in Møre og Romsdal police district. Photo: Kristian Haug Hansen / TV 2

– In such a type of case, it is quite natural that the police want an observation of the accused to be carried out, says police inspector Yngve Skovly.

As far as TV 2 is aware, the accused man is not known to the police from before. Both he in the two victims are of foreign origin.

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