The police pull the man out of the car by the hair: – I’m lame!

“They pulled me out of their car like a dog, like garbage,” Clifford Owensby said CNN.

It was in late September that he was stopped by the police. According to police, they had seen Owensby leave a house where they suspect that there is illegal drug activity.

When police asked Owensby to get out of the car, he said he could not get out because he was lame.

– If you got into the car, you get out of it, you can hear a police officer say in the video that was published on Friday.

Police repeatedly ask Owensby to get out of the car, almost as many times he says it will not happen. He also asks to speak to a senior officer. The police officers continue by pulling him out of the car by his hair while he cries for help.

– You hurt me, Owensby shouts as the police lay him on the ground, pull his hair and turn him over on his stomach to handcuff him.

Owensby was taken to hospital for examination and then released. His three-year-old son is said to have been in the car when the arrest took place, he writes The New York Times.

Planning a lawsuit

Owensby has filed a complaint with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), which works for equality for black Americans.

He is also planning a civil lawsuit against the police where he is suing them for racial profiling, illegal arrest, illegal search and seizure, and that they failed to read out his rights to him during the arrest.

Derrick Forward of the NAAPC tells CNN that the incident is not seen as racial profiling, because the officer who pulled Owensby out of the car was also black. However, he emphasizes that the incident is very serious.

The police officers involved, who have not been identified, continue in service while the investigation continues. Forward believes they should have been taken out of service immediately.

– Unnecessarily brutal

According to his lawyer, Owensby was charged with two counts: having smoky windows and that he did not have his son in the car seat.

The police found a bag with 22,450 dollars in it, which is equivalent to 191,583 Norwegian kroner. According to Owensby, it is savings. He has not been charged with drug-related offenses.

– I had the impression that I was stopped because of the windows, so I expected that I would get a fine and be allowed to move on, Owensby says to CNN.

Attorney Willis believes the actions of the police were illegal.

– I think it was illegal and unnecessarily brutal, as they were fully aware that he can not get out of the car on his own, Willis says.

“Being stopped because of the color of his car windows should not have led to a 21st century resident of the United States being pulled out of the car like an animal,” the Forward NAAPC said.

– Very worrying

Nan Whaley, who is the mayor of Dayton, says there is a need for a thorough investigation of the case.

MAYOR: Nan Whaley, Mayor of Dayton, Ohio. Photo: John Minchillo / AP

– The video of this police interaction is very worrying, she says in a statement.

She says that they published the video immediately and that the incident shows how important openness about the work of the police is, writes CNN.

– The goal is always to ensure that the police force has the resources to do its job, while we treat all our citizens with dignity and respect.

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