The police: – The charge is based on DNA tests

It was Friday morning that the South-West police district stated that they had arrested a man in his 50s. The man was arrested on Wednesday, and is charged with the murder of Birgitte Tengs in 1995.

– On Wednesday this week, the police arrested a man, charged with the murder of Birgitte Tengs. The man is in his 50s. He was arrested in the south, and the arrest went smoothly, says police inspector Lars Ole Berge.

– DNA tests

Berge further says that the man does not admit to having anything to do with the murder.

– This person has previously been referred to as a candidate, and has been questioned as a witness in the case, Berge says.

– The charge is based on DNA tests, and is supported by other information. The surveys have been conducted in Austria. The surveys have been particularly time-consuming, but we will not go further into these results now, he says.

Berge further says that there has been a rapid development in DNA technology in recent years, and that this is much of the background for the development.

He states that the man was questioned after the arrest, but that no more questioning is planned at present. Investigations have also been made in connection with the arrest, and seizures have been made.

Morten was the first forensic technician at the scene

The Tina case

The man is also suspected of the murder of Tina Jørgensen in 2000.

Both cases have been re-investigated, after Kripo’s Cold Case unit recommended carrying out further investigative steps. The investigations have been independent of each other.

Berge says the police received answers to DNA tests in 2019, which meant that they began to see common features in the cases. Since then, the person has been in the police spotlight.

– There have been two independent investigations in the two cases, but still it has been natural to see the two cases in context. The man has been a candidate in this case, and has also previously been questioned as a witness in the Tina case, says police inspector Unni Byberg Malmin.

She says that there are several elements that make him a suspect, including that he was in the area when the murder took place.

– Beyond this, I do not want to comment on the grounds for suspicion, she says.

Berge also states that several investigative steps have been carried out in recent days. There are no plans to arrest more people in the case, the police say.

The man will be produced for custody on Friday at 2 p.m.

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