The police were notified of a video in 2017: – Was he still on the radar?

A video that murder suspect Espen Andersen Bråthen (37) published in 2017 made a friend contact the police because he was worried about what Bråthen could do.

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It was The online newspaper who mentioned the video first. In the video, Bråthen came with a kind of warning:

This is the man who is charged with the murders on Kongsberg

“I come with a warning. Is this really what you want? And for everyone who wants to make up for themselves, then the time has come “, he says in the clip.

TV 2 reporter Kadafi Zaman believes what the police did with this report of concern will be a key issue in the investigation of the Kongsberg murders.

– Some of it in the video is also posted in English, and it was posted in 2017. We also know that a friend was so worried about what was said that he notified the police that someone had to take action. So it becomes a key question how to follow up this message of concern. This is from 2017, and the question is whether there are more such videos and whether there are others who have also reported threatening behavior, Zaman told TV 2 Nyhetskanalen on Thursday.

More convictions

37-year-old Espen Andersen Bråthen is a Danish citizen, with a Norwegian father and a Danish mother, but has lived all his life in Norway. Following the incident at Kongsberg, information has emerged that he has been in the police spotlight before, and that he has a history when it comes to psychiatry and contact with the health service. PST said at a press conference on Thursday that “he has been in and out of the health service”.

Kurt found 20-30 arrows at the front door

– He also has previous convictions. In 2020, he was banned from visiting for six months against not visiting close family members, he threatened, among other things, to kill his own father. So local police and PST must respond to how they followed up on the reports of concern about this man. Was it put away or was he still on the radar? Because it is quite clear that they did not succeed in stopping him before he was allowed to kill five people and injure three, says Zaman.

– Is it possible to say anything about what he means by posting a video like this?

– No, we do not know, and we do not know what else has been published. Here, there may be much more material that the police have sat on, or gained access to now. New information is dripping in hour by hour, including from worried neighbors and family who have been terrified. As well as history with psychiatry, health care and other things, so this will now be a survey that the police must do. And that will be part of the investigation.

Concerns about radicalization

The police arrested Bråthen at Kongsberg on Wednesday night after receiving several reports that a man shot at people with a bow and arrow.

Five people were killed and three were injured. PST says the killings appear to be a terrorist act.

He has admitted that he committed the murders, but it is not known how he stands up to criminal guilt.

The Kongsberg mosque was visited by the accused: – He made an impression

Police have received several reports of concern that he has been radicalized, and neighbors say that they have experienced him as unstable.

Bråthen is said to have visited a mosque on Kongsberg two, three times in the course of one month a few years ago, they do not quite know when. The mosque says the murderer, who is a convert to Islam, said he had a “message to the world”.

– They say he was unwanted in the mosque. They perceived him as disturbed and completely out of place. So they strongly dissociate themselves from what has happened and that this has nothing to do with the local Muslim community in Kongsberg, summed up Kadafi Zaman on Nyhetskanalen.

– His talk was incoherent. He said he had been told from above to convey a message to the whole world. I said that Kongsberg is not the place to do it, the chairman of the mosque, Oussama Tlili, told TV 2 earlier Thursday.

Made for jail Friday

The police and PST are now working hard to find out what was behind the attacks on Kongsberg. On Friday, Bråthen will be produced for custody.

– Last night he has been interrogated, and there he has acknowledged the actual circumstances, ie that he has killed people, shot with arrows and injured three pieces. And then there will be new interrogations of him, but also of witnesses who survived and who have witnessed this. And then there are also a number of questions about the police action. It took half an hour from the time they received the first message until this killer was arrested. Why was it not possible in a short time? We know that there has been a confrontation with him shortly after the first message, but that he then ran away. And most of the victims were killed during that period. So here are a lot of questions for the police and those who were first on the scene, what did they do and what did they not do, Zaman said.

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