The police who collided with a young man in La Plata depend on a force led by Berni

Follow the scandal in At payment after two members of the Buenos Aires Police ran over a young motorcyclist during an assumption “identification operative” in the neighborhood The Little Market. The agents reportedly belong to the Immediate Operations Tactical Unit (UTOI), a force created in 2017 during the management of Maria Eugenia Vidal as governor and Cristian Ritondo as Minister of Security.

In the first place, the UTOI was formed with the objective of “act in emerging conflicts”. According to Resolution No. 791, published in the Informative Bulletin No. 19 of March 24, 2017, its main functions include: implementing and coordinating the development of operational activities arranged by the superiority, in support of the Police from the province of Buenos Aires; supervise compliance with operations carried out with identifiable mobiles and / or motorcycles, in order to prevent and / or deter criminal attitudes or acts that threaten public safety; keep a record of the established security services and inform immediately of the superiority, of any relevant news, which, due to its magnitude or importance, warrants it.

Although the force was created during the Vidal administration, at present it is still in force under the wing of the Minister of Security Sergio Berni. According to spokesmen for the portfolio, the members of the UTOI were trained with special weapons, tactics from the Halcón group and strategies from the Infantry, the Motorized Police and the Departmental Support Group (GAD), among others. “This body is doomed to give a rapid response in tasks of action and not prevention and can act in the face of a criminal emergency such as a catastrophe or a climate emergency,” they explained on the day of the official presentation.


The truth is that, last Sunday, two members of that force were disaffected by the General Auditor for Internal Affairs (AGAI) after attacking a motorcyclist from behind, under the pretext of “identifying” him. The fact came to light after knowing the video recorded by a security camera in the area. In the sequence you can see Valentine on a motorcycle, when he was going to look for a friend to go to spend the day at Punta Lara. On the way, was run over by the patrol car.

As it transpired, the uniformed men would have given the voice of halt to make him stop, but he did not. That was why They decided to chase him and, to make him stop, they directly hit him. When they saw him fall to the ground, the policemen got out of the vehicle and went to him, picked him up and made him lean against the truck to search him.

After the filming emerged, the authorities carried out a swift investigation and decided to remove the agents from their positions. Staff were reported to have identified the youth “but they did not communicate it” to their superiors, which constitutes a “serious irregularity”. Both were, in addition, imputed by the Justice in a case in which the prosecutor intervenes Cecilia Corfield. Ministry spokespersons limited themselves to saying that “everything follows its course, with the corresponding investigation and the intervention of Internal Affairs”.

“My son told me that they pointed a gun at him. And, despite the beatings he suffered, they never called an ambulance. There were two neighbors on the sidewalk who saw the whole sequence and they showed him the video, that’s why the police they were fast “, she recounted anguished Lorena Tizio, the mother of the 24-year-old, in dialogue with

After the strong blow, Valentin went to the hospital and after taking a plaque, they told him that he had a cracked rib as a result of the blow. He called a lawyer and filed the complaint on Wednesday morning. “They told him that he had to get into the van because they were going to take him to the police station. My son refused and immediately called a lawyer friend who indicated the steps to follow. What would have happened if he did not know how to defend himself. I am very worried about the actions of the Police, nothing happened to my son, but I watch the news and I am aware of the murder of Lucas (González) and another man in a San Clemente del Tuyú police station, “added the anguished woman.

“They don’t catch the jets, but they run over my son to identify him. It’s crazy what happened to him. Valentín told me that one of the policemen gave him his data and the document starts at 44 million. Taking the account, he is 19 years old. , the age of my other daughter, “concluded the mother.

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