The Police will have new instructors and trainers in shooting and handling of weapons |  THE TERRITORY news from Misiones

The Police will have new instructors and trainers in shooting and handling of weapons | THE TERRITORY news from Misiones

Sunday March 19, 2023 | 1:49 p.m.

The provincial security force is currently developing massive training for the improvement of female personnel throughout the province, from driving emergency vehicles in risk situations, medical emergencies, mediation in crisis situations, and now it has also been added to the curriculum for police shooting instructors.

In this first stage, there are 20 women from the security ranks who began the advanced course on shooting and handling of weapons, dictated by the Institute of Police Training and Techniques. The personnel who are already studying, perform functions in operational units of the force, so their training is of great importance because they will be able to prepare their peers in all police units.

This training is one of the many that are carried out constantly throughout the year. It began on Wednesday and was divided into various stages that take place in the polygon located in the facilities of the University of Police Security Forces, with the aim that police personnel have the temperance and professionalism to respond. in various situations in which they must intervene in their daily work.

The practices with the firearm were always based on the legal regulations for the use of the regulation pistol provided by this institution. They worked on the correct positioning and displacement, work in pairs, assembly and disassembly in situ and other activities with stress exercises.

In addition to shooting and weapon handling practices, theoretical classes are also given through the General Training Directorate, where professionals from the psychological medical corps, nationally trained police force shooting instructors, and also those in charge of other disciplines with direct intervention in training.

Among the instructors who provide the teachings is the Assistant Officer Yilsen Morel, who is the first woman to graduate from the shooting instructor course given by the Department C.Ti.MAF (Course on Shooting and Firearms Management of the Misiones Police ) and is currently part of the team with five other trainers.

It is worth mentioning that this type of improvement will be carried out in the 14 regional units that make up this force, aimed at all policewomen who carry out different activities throughout the province.

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