The popular Dead By Daylight will be free on the Epic Games Store next week

Next week’s free game of the Epic Games Store it will be a great game: Dead By Daylight. I have been impressed to see the multiplayer horror game steadily grow to become one of the most popular on Steam after a while, and it looks like it might slip away, so it’s a good option.

But before that, Epic he is currently giving away a completely different form of slaughter, the hunting simulator theHunter: Call Of The Wild. You know, you can skip the guns and play it as a very nice walking simulator. You have until next Thursday to get a free copy of theHunter: Call Of The  Wild free to save in store Epic Games. It usually costs $ 20 dollars.

It is made by Expansive Worlds, a branch of the developers of Just Cause Avalanche, and it is nice. Sure, the goal of theHunter is to track down the magnificent simulated wildlife and then kill it, but you can’t do that either. You can track the wildlife and then admire it through your binoculars until it goes away or you are satisfied, then go look at some more beautiful scenery or find another beast to admire.

Fraser Brown has written about playing it as a wildlife photography game, and Chris Mullen has encouraged us to lay down our arms as well. It supports multiplayer mode, so you can go for a nice walk while chatting with your friends. That won’t be possible with next week’s game.

What theHunter will leave on Thursday, December 2, Dead By Daylight will become the new gift. It is a 1v4 multiplayer horror game where supernatural assassins hunt and sacrifice four stupid children who try to escape the ritual murder zone by fixing generators to open a door. Then different characters, abilities, and items complicate the process.

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