"The presidency of the finance committee must return to the RN": Larcher defends "the respect" for the elected officials of Le Pen

The President of the Senate calls for “a profound change of attitude” from Emmanuel Macron while calling for “dialogue in the interest of France”. No question for the tenor of the right, however, to defend a possible alliance with the presidential party.

After Emmanuel Macron’s failure in the legislative elections, the right wants to push its advantage. Christian Jacob, received this Monday at the Élysée, has already closed the door to any attempt at union to save the president’s second five-year term, refusing to “enter into a logic of pact”. Gérard Larcher, for his part, invites the Head of State to review his relationship with Parliament in order to get out of the deadlock. Starting with the distribution of positions within the new National Assembly.

“Republican practice consists in considering all elected officials with a principle of equality and respect. Then, there is a regulation in the National Assembly which says that the chairman of the finance committee must come from the opposition. However, I note that the RN is the first opposition group. So, it should come back to him”, thus judges the President of the Senate in the columns of the Parisian this Tuesday morning.

“In opposition, independent”

Endowed with extensive powers, the presidency of the finance commission is targeted by the Nupes and the RN. It falls to a member of the opposition, elected by the deputies who sit there. The rules of the Assembly fixed this rule in 2009, enshrining a practice desired by Nicolas Sarkozy.

It can be any opposition group and not necessarily the numerically largest one. Marine Le Pen has already indicated that she intends to ask on behalf of her group and its 89 deputies for the presidential election.

If it is very unlikely that the LRs and their 60 deputies will win the presidency, Gérard Larcher calls on the right-wing deputies to make their own score heard.

“The line has been recalled: in the opposition, independent, clear and responsible. This is the attitude that (the elected representatives of the right) will have in the Assembly (…). We will be led to make proposals : on work, purchasing power, security, migration issues, as well as on the essential return to the balance of public finances”, further advances the head of the Senate to the daily.

“A political balance sheet resulting from verticality” by Macron

No question therefore of sharing the line of Catherine Vautrin, the president of Grand Reims, a time anticipated for Matignon or even the former Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe who both call for a coalition between the LRs and the presidential party.

By way of justification, Gérard Larcher points to Emmanuel Macron’s conception of power.

“We had made the economic and social balance sheet of Emmanuel Macron, we now have his political balance sheet: it is the result of the verticality of his governance, his conception of relations with Parliament, with intermediary bodies, local elected officials, the fact of not having drawn the consequences after the Great Debate of the Yellow Vests crisis”, still judges the president of the Upper House.

Many on the right do not see the point of accepting the outstretched hand of Emmanuel Macron when the president will not be able to serve a new term in 2027. Especially since a few months before the appointment of the new boss of LR , any rapprochement with the president could be seen as a betrayal for activists.

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