The president of Aerolineas Argentinas responded to Macri: “The loss he is talking about corresponds to his last year in office”

Pablo Ceriani, president of Airlines (REUTERS / Luisa González)

“The loss you speak of Mauricio Macri corresponds to his last year of government. In 2021, the Airlines deficit was reduced by 35% compared to 2019 and year after year we are going to continue improving its performance but with growth and expansion, not with adjustment and at the expense of connectivity”.

Thus begins a thread on Twitter Paul CerianiPresident of Aerolineas Argentinas. The head of the airline responded to the former president, who yesterday in an interview again criticized him for having assured him that the nationalization of Aerolineas Argentinas – which he did Cristina Kirchner in 2008–, which “cost 8 billion dollars”, according to Macri. In addition, the former president pointed out that if that money had been used for public works, “there would be no Argentine without sewers or drinking water.”

“We don’t have to pay for a bus that flies from the state. We don’t put a dollar more. If they can’t live on the ticket sales, it will disappear. If there are other airlines that do it: Flybondi, Jetsmart, Latam. They get by with what the traveler pays them,” he said.

“We are all paying an important part of those who have to travel. The people of Chaco have been waiting for a new bridge for decades. That bridge is worth 6 months of Aerolineas Argentinas. In Bariloche, you cannot go from the airport to the center and you cannot go from the city to the Llao Llao”, assured the former president.

The thread of the president of Airlines
The thread of the president of Airlines

Macri also said that Kirchnerism had “thrown out Latam.” “Another lie from Macri. Latam left the country after losing USD 300 million in 2018 and 2019. Andes, Norwegian and Avian also had millionaire losses and stopped operating in those years. Still, the companies that are still flying today were at a loss during his administration,” Ceriani wrote on the social network.

Regarding the comments about Bariloche, the owner of the airline stated: “Here we agree with Macri. Bariloche is one of the jewels of Argentine tourism, but without the 300,000 Argentine and foreign passengers that Aerolineas carried in the last winter season, it would surely not need any road infrastructure work.

“Once again, the former president shows his ignorance about the sector and his great insensitivity to what the arrival of a plane full of passengers means for the regional economies and for the Argentine men and women who live there”closed Ceriani.

Other crosses

It is not the first time that Ceriani has responded to Macri. Last March, for example, he had already said that if the company is not viable “it should be privatized.” He did it, like last night, in statements to the LN + channel. “The State cannot continue banking USD 700 million per year to support it,” he assured.

The response from the owner of the company also came on Twitter. “Evidently Mauricio Macri is very used to flying in a private plane and thinks that this is what the airline industry is all about in our country. Perhaps some governor of his space can explain what it means in economic terms for his provinces, ”he began.

“Once again, the former president shows his ignorance about the sector and his great insensitivity"Ceriani said.
“Once again, the former president shows his ignorance about the sector and his great insensitivity,” Ceriani said.

“The arrival of the plane to a province means tourism, investments, connectivity, economic development with a federal sense. It means thousands of jobs and the possibility of receiving foreign visitors, the vast majority of whom enter the country through Buenos Aires”, argued Ceriani.

“The industry model that Macri proposes is so unfeasible that he has not even managed to make it work for his family airline.. Avianca, after buying the aircraft company from the Macri group and receiving authorization to operate 16 routes, canceled its operations in June 2019, “he said.

“The discussion about the Aerolineas deficit seems healthy to us, we work every day to improve its productivity and efficiency. We have a recent historical experience that made it possible from its growth and expansion, without forgetting its social role. Shrinking it, privatizing it, despising it is not a possible option for us. The challenge is to continue improving, expand the offer, increase operations, increase income from new business opportunities, be the vehicle for the country’s foreign currency income”, concluded Ceriani.


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