The PRI will challenge the gubernatorial elections, due to inequity

Despite having been in fifth place, the PRI will challenge the election of last Sunday, June 5, confirmed the candidate for governor, Leslie Hendricks Rubio, after mentioning that they found a series of irregularities in the process“where mainly there was no equality during the contest,” he explained.

Interviewed this morning in the framework of a breakfast offered to thank the attention she received during the local electoral processjust completed, The PRI member pointed out that her party will present an appeal for different irregularities registered in the elections held on June 5 last.

The PRI will challenge the gubernatorial elections, due to inequity

After thanking the trust and support during the campaign, the PRI candidate for governor, Leslie Hendricks Rubio, indicated that they will challenge the process for various irregularities found and for the inequity in it

“We had,” he said, “a contest that was not on equal termsthere are reports of vote buying and voting inhibition in different parts of the state. There are many people who were paid and we will take the corresponding legal actions so that the authority initiates actions ”.

The PRI member said that she is aware that the challenge process will not change or reverse the results that have already been deposited at the polls, “but we need to make it clear that we do not agree with these practices that harm democracy and the country”.

He recalled that the PRI went only to the electoral contest this 2022, at the request of the local tricolor’s own militancy that no longer I wanted to be in the alliance with the PAN and the PRD, “It was not in any way to favor the Morena candidate, Mara Lezama Espinosa, with a ‘fragmented vote’, as some would have us believe.”

La Verdad Noticias followed up on the 2022 electoral process, in which the PRI managed to win 14,758 votes for the governorship, what represents 2.97 percent of electoral preferences, a figure that could serve to preserve their registration and place at least one plurinominal deputy in the XVII Legislature.

The former tricolor candidate pointed out that all the misinformation generated during election daymade many people decided not to vote, “They are disinformation strategies, they always wanted to make people think that this election was agreed upon by the participants, which is completely false, I speak for myself.”

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