‘The privilege of commanding’ returns, with ‘corchocolates’, Biden and lots of laughs

Return “The Privilege of Commanding”, taken advantage of the characteristic effervescence of these pre-campaigns and to the delight of the lovers of political comedy.

With the removal ofAndres Manuel” and “Beatriz” on his ranch “The Chingada” in the 2024began yesterday Monday a new season of this parody of Mexican politics.

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In chapter 1 broadcast on N+, “Claudita, the girl”, “Marcelo” and “Adan Augusto, the Tabasco vampire”, the “corcholatas” of “Andrés Manuel”, attended a meeting at the National Palace where they did not see “even floor” heading to 2024.

In this season the actors participate Christian Ahumada, Arath de la Torre, Macaria, Eduardo Spain, Pierre Angelo, Hugo Alcántara, Fernanda Ostos, Yeka Rosales, Juan Frese, Yekaterina kyiv, Claudio Herrera and Herson Andrade.

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