The profitable business of Santiago del Moro behind "Big Brother"

“Big Brother” is historically one of the most watched programs on world television and, although the main protagonists are the participants of the program itself, one of the central parts for the show to work is the host, who rules the show. cycle to make it more entertaining. Several names have passed through that position throughout history, such as Mariano Peluffo and Jorge Rial, but now the one who runs the show is Santiago del Moroof which a very profitable section was discovered that he has in his contract.

The presentation of the “plot” generated several memes about it on the Internet.

According to the Diario Crónica, the renowned host was an important part of the conversations with the brands and would take a portion of the advertising revenue from the most watched television program in Argentina. This came out after the news was published that the cycle in charge of Santiago del Moro It could last a little longer and that the repechage could compete hand in hand against the second season of “El Hotel de los Famosos”.

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