The proposal of the elected president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, for a negotiation between Latin America and the United States on the energy transition

26 intellectuals from around the world signed a letter in defense of these policies. Noam Chomsky, Boaventura de Sousa Santos, Arturo Escobar, Naomi Klein, Vandana Shiva and Kim Stanley Robinson were some of the people who signed the letter.

One of the flags raised during the campaign that led Gustavo Petro to win the Presidency of Colombia on June 19, was that during his government he will undertake a frontal fight against climate change, so that the country can move towards an energy transformation.

“An inclusive and fair energy transition model for the people. An energy model of universal, fair and inclusive access will be established where the end user will be an active protagonist in the country’s energy chain, and energy will be assumed as a common good aimed at promoting productivity and protecting nature and good health. live off the Colombian population”, reads the government plan of the president-elect.

With the victory already assured, in his victory speech, the leader of the Historical Pact spoke on the subject. Petro stated that “The time has come to sit down with the United States government and discuss the fact that greenhouse gases are emitted there, and here we absorb them from our Amazon rainforest”.

And continued: “If it is broadcast there and we absorb it here, why don’t we dialogue? Why don’t we establish another way of understanding each other? On more than one occasion, the new Colombian president has indicated that: “A fund will be created for the energy transition with resources from royalties and those from the elimination of some tax benefits for the hydrocarbon sector, coal mining and hydroelectric plants.

The former mayor of Bogotá between (2011 – 2015) knows that in order to achieve an energy transition in Colombia, he must have the support of the countries of the region.

“They have criticized us because we propose an energy transition, perhaps swift, critics say, towards clean energies in which Colombia would have enormous advantages, well, now it is about establishing a dialogue in the Americas. Almost all the presidents of Latin America have called me, and I believe that today we can propose, now, on this victory that the Colombian people have given us, a dialogue in the Americas without the exclusion of any people, of any nation”, he said in his speech on Sunday June 19.

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The leader of the Colombia Humana party, as indicated in his program, wants to decarbonize the country’s economy and democratize the production and distribution of renewable energy. Faced with this approach made by the leader of the Colombian left, days before the presidential elections, 26 intellectuals from around the world signed a letter in defense of these policies. Noam Chomsky, Boaventura de Sousa Santos, Arturo Escobar, Naomi Klein, Vandana Shiva Y Kim Stanley Robinson, were some of the people who signed the letter.

Before finishing his first speech as president-elect of Colombia, Gustavo Petro stressed his desire to work with all the countries of the Americas to move towards a new form of energy.

“I propose to the government of the United States and all the governments of the Americas that we sit down to dialogue to accelerate the steps towards the energy transition, the steps to build a decarbonized economy, the steps to build an economy of life throughout America. As a government that pretends to be the government of life, it could not propose the construction of an economy of life. I propose to Latin America to integrate us more decisively, I propose to Colombia to look at us as Latin Americans, which is what we are”.

Another of the proposals that Petro proposes to fight climate change is the reform “of the current mining code and an institutional adjustment based on the energy transition and the new mining-energy public policy, with an environmental and social perspective. The geological knowledge of Colombia will be expanded for the information of the mining reserves that we have”.


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