The proposal that Luis Ventura received that could bring him closer to El Trece

louis ventura He is one of the most recognized journalists of the Argentine show business and for a few years he has become the face of América TV, since he took sides to defend Daniel Vila’s channel from the comments made by Jorge Rial in his new C5N program. , “Argentinian”.

Even Rial’s enemy is not only present on the channel as a panelist on Karina Maccozzo’s program, “A la Tarde”, but also has his own space every Saturday with “True Secrets”. A very relevant detail is that it is speculated that this cycle could be the one that takes the daily broadcast of “LPA” in the summer season, although nothing has yet been confirmed by louis ventura.

Ventura paid tribute to Mirtha Legrand when the driver was in negotiations with El Trece.

Nevertheless, louis ventura He did confirm a detail that his fans will like very much, since he will be in front of the screens of El Trece thanks to an invitation he received from the Mirtha Legrand program, “La Noche de Mirtha”. The driver will be one of Chiquita’s guests before the end of 2022.

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