The prosecutor did not accept Marcelo D’Alessio as an accused collaborator and many macristas celebrate

The same prosecutor who two years ago had accepted D’Alessio as repentant considered today that his contributions were not enough and did not accept him as a collaborating accused.

Although the content of his statement is unknown at the moment, the truth is that the Clarín journalist, Daniel Santoro, and the former Security Minister Patricia Bullrich will be able to breathe easy, at least for now.

Obviously the owners of the real power of Argentina still have interference in some judicial decisions, so it would be necessary to see who benefits if they do not declare.

At the end of the hearing between the defendant and the prosecutor, the possibility of reaching an agreement was ruled out because, in the opinion of the investigators, the contributions that the defendant intended to make were insufficient.

The false lawyer had arrived in Dolores after 8 o’clock aboard a Federal Penitentiary Service van that took him from the Ezeiza Prison, where he has been detained for almost three years.

What the false lawyer has said in his meeting today with the prosecutor Curi will not be incorporated into the file and cannot be used by the justice since it was discarded by the prosecution, which understood that it was not a contribution of value for the cause.

It is not the first time that D’Alessio has tried to become repentant but the strange thing is that it was the prosecutor Curi himself who accepted him in the first instance, although the then judge of Dolores, Alejo Ramos Padilla, determined that what the false intended to contribute lawyer was not enough to achieve that condition.

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