The prosecutor investigating the fire in Recoleta said that, in principle, “everything indicates that it would be an accident”

The prosecutor Sebastián Fedullo, who leads the investigation of the tragic fire in Recoleta

The Buenos Aires prosecutor sebastian fedullowhich is investigating the tragic fire in Recoleta where five members of a family died this Thursday, explained to the press that, although the result of the tests to find out what caused the fire is not yet known, “Preliminarily, everything points to it being accidental.”

Prosecutor Fedullo, who was at the scene this afternoon, said that he has already requested expertise to find out the origin of the fire that broke out on the seventh floor of the building located at the intersection of Ecuador and Córdoba Avenue; and where Two women and three minors died..

For this, the Judicial Investigation Corps of the City Public Prosecutor’s Office works together with Buenos Aires Firefighters, Criminalistics personnel of the City Police and also the company that supplies electricity to the department. “Only tomorrow (for this Friday) there could be news,” the official estimated.

What the prosecutor did confirm is that “There was no explosion of any device”and ruled out rumors that the fire started due to the failure of a heater: “No heater found”, reported. And he reiterated: There is nothing electrical or gas that has exploded. Yes, glass exploded, but that was the product of the fire generated”.

Fedullo said that, “a priori, there is nothing badly installed” in the house. In principle, as regards the Fire Department personnel, it would have been an accident as can happen in any house”held and remarked that “There are no signs of violence on the property and of the intervention of third parties. That is important”.

(Frank Fafasuli)
(Frank Fafasuli)

The accident happened shortly before 6 in the morning on the seventh floor of the 14-story building. The first flames were registered in the living room, and quickly covered the kitchen, three bedrooms and a bathroom. The apartment was destroyed.

The incident also reached connecting corridors, which caused the affected area to expand. The fire also spread to the 8th floor, where it took over the living room of another apartment. The rest of the rooms were affected by smoke blackening and glass breakage.

“Evidently, the fire source was so great that the victims did not have time and they were trapped”lamented the prosecutor. And he pointed out: “As in almost all cases of fires of this magnitude, people do not die from the fire itself, but from the inhalation of carbon monoxide. In fact, in the bedroom where the three almost lifeless boys were unfortunately taken out, a lot of smoke had entered and not so much fire.

Fedullo reiterated that “hopefully, tomorrow we would have a concrete cause” of the origin of the fire. “Until all the collected evidence is analyzed, a precise answer cannot be given,” he insisted. Finally, he informed that, at the moment, the owners are allowed to enter the building only to remove belongings. “There is no danger of collapse, but until the gas and electricity services are enabled, and the expert tasks are not completed, access cannot be made”he concluded.

The burned apartment was the home of the Jabbaz family, consisting of both parents and nine children. As reported by the media Vis to Vis, Those who lost their lives were the mother, a grandmother who also slept inside the apartment and the children, between 5 and 7 years old.

Meanwhile, the father is hospitalized and intubated in one of the hospitals in the City of Buenos Aires.

In total, 35 people were treated for carbon monoxide inhalation, 11 at the scene and 19 were transferred in 22 ambulances to six health centers: 7 to Gutiérrez Hospital, 4 to Ramos Mejía Hospital, 2 to Rivadavia Hospital, 3 to Hospital Férnandez, 2 to Hospital Elizalde and 1 to Hospital Durand.


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