The prosecutor wants to see life imprisonment after the murder of 97-year-old

The 97-year-old woman disappeared from her apartment in Örebro last autumn. During the search for her, her walker was found along the Svartån river, she was found dead in the river a few days later.

The accused man, who is in his 45s, was seen with the woman by witnesses a few hours before her disappearance. They had a relationship that consisted of the man helping the woman with various chores.

On Wednesday, the last day of the trial will take place and the relationship between the man and the woman, as well as her advanced age, is something that makes the prosecutor demand life imprisonment.

– It is a crime committed against a person who is disabled, elderly and defenseless. It has been committed by a person she trusted and trusted. There is also planning and suggestion on his part, says Therese Johansson, prosecutor.

“All clues lead to the accused”

Most of the arguments for the man to be the culprit are clues, but the prosecutor is convinced that it is enough to get the man convicted.

– The strength lies in the amount of clues that all lead towards the accused. The strongest is the witness statement that he takes the victim out this evening and that no one saw her after that, and that she dies within an hour.

Hear the prosecutor tell about the case before the trial started:

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Therese Johansson is a chamber prosecutor at Örebro District Court. Photo: SVT

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